Merrilee Liddiard


Design + Home

  • Springville, Utah
  • Mom of three

I get most of my inspiration from … my children and what their current needs and inclinations are.

The one word I’d use to describe my design/craft aesthetic is … playful-modern.

The thing I love most about DIY: You can, well, do it yourself. It’s completely a new creation made by you and/or your kids. I love things that are repurposed, one-of-a kind, and handmade with love.

The crafting tool I can’t live without is cardboard, because it’s cost-effective, readily available, environmentally friendly, and you can make just about anything with it!

My favorite room in the house: The kids’ “cloud room.” It’s a place to imagine, to read, to giggle, and to dream.


The best thing I ever made: Tough to pick just one … I’m particularly fond of the interlocking duct-tape castle; it was so fun to make!


Another favorite thing I’ve made is my book Playful (out fall 2014 with STC Craft) full of amazing projects for you to make with and for the little ones in your life!

How I’d spend $1,000 to decorate a kid’s play room in my home:

Merrilee-final 1. Lovely “Love” print | Get it from Etsy, $25
2. Statement pendant lamp | Get it from Remodelista, $209
3. Fireside throw | Get it from Terrain, $40
4. ColetteBream “House” pillow | Get it from Etsy, $89
5. Fun and bright games | Get them from Deuz, $33.29
6. Pewter river rock rug | Get it from Serena and Lily, $495
7. Vintage desk | Get it from Etsy, $35
8. Vintage clock | Get it from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., $245
9. Doll | Find similar items on Etsy, $85
10. Art supplies | Get them from P’kolino, $17
Total cost: $1,273.29 (just a bit over budget!)

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