An Easy Way for Kids to Give Back This Summer

Food Bank of the Rockies
Food Bank of the Rockies

Looking for a way for your kids to learn about issues, give back to the community, and exercise compassion this summer? Food Bank of the Rockies, an organization that has distributed over 41 million pounds of food to the hungry in Colorado and Wyoming, created a way to expand the summer to-do list beyond swimming and eating popsicles. The organization recently launched the Kung Food Fighters Kids Club – a service-focused, virtual club that gives kids a chance to give back.

Taking action to address hunger is a simple, concrete way to start kids off on making the world a better place. About one in six kids in the US doesn’t have enough to eat, so it’s an issue that deserves a lot of attention. Food Bank of the Rockies (FBR)recognized that other kids can be a part of the solution.  FBR answered a few questions about the club. Read on to learn more!

1. Tell us about the Kung Food Fighters Kids Club and what inspired you to start the program?

For the past few years we’ve received many inquiries from many families, asking if they can bring their kids in to volunteer.  There are so many non-profits in Colorado but it’s difficult to find opportunities for younger children to volunteer.  Food Bank of the Rockies can accept children over 14 to volunteer in our warehouse, but we wanted to incorporate the younger generation into our efforts of fighting hunger.  We recently developed the Kung Food Fighters Kids Club as a way to empower kids to make a difference in their community and give back in a meaningful way.  The club is virtually based through the Food Bank’s website.  Kids can register on line, download games, activity books and information about hunger.  There are resources with a variety of ideas for giving back and options for earning coins and prizes for doing good deeds.  We have a YouTube Channel, Pinterest account and blog where kids can share their stories.  In addition, there is a link for schools wanting to incorporate hunger fighting information and activities into their curriculum.

2. What’s the ideal age group to get involved?

We’re seeing kids anywhere from 3-16 join the club.  The older kids can be a great resource for inspiring the younger ones to get involved, so we welcome kids of all ages to get involved.

3. What are some of the ways kids in the program can help to end hunger?

Some of the ideas kids will find through our site include:  Doing a class project about hunger in Colorado and encourage your classmates to donate food/funds.  Set up a lemonade stand and donate your earnings to the food bank.  Instead of collecting presents at your birthday party, collect food or funds for the food bank.  Encourage your sports team over the summer to do a food/fund drive for the food bank and bring it in as a team.  We always encourage kids to come tour the food bank to learn more about hunger in Colorado and how they can help!

4. What are some inspiring things you’ve seen other kids and school groups do to address hunger and support Food Bank of the Rockies?

A high school student recently lived in a plexi-glass box for 7 days, collecting food and funds to fight hunger.  He was raising awareness about childhood homelessness and received national news coverage.  A junior high volleyball  league did a food drive contest and collect 2,000 pounds of food for the food bank!  A 7 year old boy recently came in to donated $50 that he had collected at his birthday party in lieu of gifts.  We gave him a tour and taught him about how his money will help our neighbors in need.  Kids can make an amazing impact in this world!  We’re so proud to be able to work with Colorado kids.  They’re awesome!

5. Are there food banks or nonprofits in other communities with similar programs?

We’re not aware of any other food banks who have kids clubs, but we hope our club will be an inspiration for others to start clubs of their own!

If you’d like to join the Kung Food Kids Club, go here to sign up! Or, check out the resources they have listed for ideas to inspire your family or school’s next service project on the site.