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Mightee Kids
Mightee Kids


Have you heard about Mightee Kids?

It’s a new monthly kids t-shirt subscription service with a world-changing twist.  Five dollars from each purchase goes to a different nonprofit. Their motto: helping kids help other kids around the world, one t-shirt at a time.

The packages come with a cute t-shirt, along with a flyer that describes, in kid-friendly terms, the charity of the month, like Canines for Disabled Kids or Smile Train. Mightee Kids’ website also includes videos that bring the work of the nonprofits to life. Parents can use these tools to have a conversation with their kids about organizations doing good work around the world.

If you don’t want a monthly subscription, you can also pick up shirts one by one. I know my dog-obsessed three-year-old would love February’s shirt, and I’d like knowing my kids’ shirts were doing more than demonstrating their undying love for cartoon characters.

February’s Mightee Kids Shirt

Getting these monthly packages seems like a fun, concrete way to introduce charitable giving and issues to young kids. And wearing those new t-shirts might lead to some interesting preschool lunch table conversations!



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