One Inspiring Seven-Year-Old's Big Impact This Holiday Season

TJ Berry and Hunger Free Colorado's Julie Hogan. Picture courtesy of Hunger Free Colorado.
TJ Berry and Hunger Free Colorado’s Julie Hogan. Picture courtesy of Hunger Free Colorado.

Second-grader TJ Berry from suburban Colorado decided to do more than just write a list to Santa this holiday season: he wanted to help make his community stronger.

Last spring, 7-year-old TJ created a Kids Club to raise awareness about the 1 in 6 people, including 15.9 million children, in America who are hungry. He also wanted to raise money to support Hunger Free Colorado’s work ensuring no one in the state goes without sufficient nutritious food. Through garage sales, he raised over $300.

And he decided to do a little bit more.

During a deep cold snap, TJ organized and hosted a parents night out and kids’ night in. Parents had a chance to shop, kids watched a fun movie, and the community benefited from TJ’s generosity.  About 60 kids attended, and TJ raised over $600 dollars. The kids also learned about hunger and had a chance to create paper plates that described why no child should go hungry.


Picture courtesy of Hunger Free Colorado
Picture courtesy of Hunger Free Colorado

So far, TJ has contributed close to $1000 to end hunger. He’s just seven, and already a philanthropist.

TJ’s inspiring story shows how kids who are passionate about an issue can make a difference and have a real impact.

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