September is Hunger Action Month


photo(97)Over 16 million children in America live in households where there’s not enough to eat, and a whopping one in six Americans struggle with hunger. While the economy has improved for many at the top, it’s still not so great for the over 46 million Americans living in poverty.

Here are six ways you can recognize Hunger Action Month and make a difference.

1. Kick off the month by wearing orange on September 5th. Feeding America can help you  wear orange virtually and change your Facebook and Twitter profiles orange to show your support for anti-hunger efforts and help raise awareness.

2.Volunteer at your local food bank or food pantry. This is an activity you can do as a family, if you have older kids – some food pantries will let elementary-aged kids sort food.

3. Host a dollar drive, instead of a canned food drive. Giving non-perishables is far less efficient than giving dollars directly to hunger relief organizations, as nonprofits can purchase as much as 10 times the food for a dollar that you and I can at the grocery store. Schools or church groups can fill clean, rinsed out cans with coins and dollars, and then donate the funds to an organization that fights hunger.

4. Watch the documentary A Place at the Table, and hear the stories of families and children struggling with hunger. Or, host a movie viewing with neighbors and friends.

5. Food pantries rarely get fresh fruits and vegetables to distribute. You can share the extra produce from your garden with people in need. Ample Harvest makes it easy to find a local pantry that can put your bumper crop of tomatoes to good use.

6. Ask Congress to stop the coming cuts to SNAP, commonly known as food stamps, and work to protect the programs that feed so many vulnerable families in our communities.