10 Bands You Should Be Listening To Instead of One Direction.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against One Direction. In fact, I think they’re sort of brilliant…and talented, and charismatic, and have the ability to make tens of thousands of girls cry at the exact same time. I know this because I witnessed it. I took Harry to see One Direction earlier this summer with my 13-year-old niece and her friend for a 13th birthday present. You should know that I’ve been to at least 300 concerts in my life, and this was hands-down the loudest…but not because of the music, because of the screaming and crying and gnashing of braces. It was a scene.

And I realized as we were there, that this was one of Harry’s first concerts. Not his first, by any means but definitely formative. And I think formative concerts are important…says me, the person whose parents had the foresight to take me to see Elvis for my first concert when I was one. Oh yes they did.

I was reminding myself of this importance as I held Harry’s hand and we trudged and pushed and pulled through 80 million people at ACL fest in Austin this weekend.

And I was reminded of a few things while we were there.

1. The best way to see a concert with a child. Read it. It could save you.  Always find the kids area at something like this.

2. Steer clear of the headliner bands, scan down, at least 15 or 20 bands down the list playing that day, and start there. At the bottom. That’s where some of the best music is. There’s also (usually) a tiny bit more space to breathe around their stages, too.

Keep reading for 10 bands you should add to your playlist.

Here are 10 bands you should be looking into, checking out, finding on Spotify, and supporting (by buying their music and/or checking them out when they’re in your town). You can also sound smart (like you know what you’re doing, music wise anyway) in front of friends, coworkers, baristas and nieces.

Remember, you heard it here first.

Also, you’re welcome.

  • Quiet Company 1 of 10
    Quiet Company
    I completely dig this band. And not just because they played our SXSW party...and they're outstanding live oh by the way. Grab some of their music.
    Check them out.
  • Colorfeels 2 of 10
    This was a new band to me and I really liked them. I think you will too.
    Check them out.
  • Dry The River 3 of 10
    Dry The River
    Is it folk? Is it emo? It's emo folk. Only better.
    Check them out.
  • Quiet Corral 4 of 10
    Quiet Corral
    Another Quiet band. I predict Quiet will be the new Antler Bear Deer Claw. You heard it here first.
    Check them out.
  • First Aid Kit 5 of 10
    First Aid Kit
    Girls. Sisters. Channeling 1970s girl folk country singers in all the best ways.
    Check them out.
  • Trampled By Turtles 6 of 10
    Trampled By Turtles
    These guys were outstanding live. So talented. So enthusiastic. Also, I love their name, and it was apt because that's what I felt was happening to me the entire time I was ACL this year.
    Check them out.
  • Wild Child 7 of 10
    Wild Child
    I want to hear more from this band. We might be soul mates.
    Check them out.
  • Wombats 8 of 10
    They had some hits in 2007, but in case you missed them then because you had a newborn that year and you were doing good just to brush your teeth every other day, well here you go. If you haven't heard it, it's new to you.
    Check them out.
  • LP 9 of 10
    An impressive performer with an incredible voice, you'll swear you've heard her before. You have. On a Citibank commercial. But listen further.
    Check them out.
  • Royal Teeth 10 of 10
    Royal Teeth
    Louisiana represent. I like these guys. I feel like I should hear them on an episode of Gossip Girl...and that's a compliment. (Whoever puts together the music for Gossip Girl has great taste. And if you disagree, you're not actually paying attention.)
    Check them out.

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