10 Easy Holiday Gifts to Get for Your Baby


Let’s face it; holiday wish lists for babies aren’t really for the babies, am I right? Surprise the new parents in your life with a sweet something they’d never gift for themselves and enjoy 10 heirloom-worthy finds to delight those sleep-deprived folks!

  • Custom cameo rattle 1 of 10
    Custom cameo rattle
    For the parents who have everything, we guarantee this one will surprise. Order a custom cameo rattle that features the profile faces of mama and papa on each side, handcarved into a rattle for baby to enjoy ($180).
  • Reversible animal hoodie 2 of 10
    Reversible animal hoodie
    What new mom can resist a baby with ears for miles? Oeuf's reversible animal hoodie is a splurge for a fast-growing baby, but those adorable photos will last forever. ($140).
  • Organic blanket 3 of 10
    Organic blanket
    Soft and airy, Wee Gallery's organic baby blankets feature a printed blanket sandwiched between two fine muslin layers, so your baby's soft skin never touches an inch of ink ($50).
  • Alpaca wool doll 4 of 10
    Alpaca wool doll
    Knitted in alpaca wool, LuckyBoySunday's Bon Bon doll is as soft as it is beautiful - a lovely addition to the new family in your life ($95).
  • Cashmere mittens 5 of 10
    Cashmere mittens
    For the girly girl, Hucklebones' classic cashmere mittens last forever and are begging to be passed along for future generations ($32).
  • Wooden interchangeable animals 6 of 10
    Wooden interchangeable animals
    Wooden toys are way funner when they're mix-and-matchable. Poketo's interchageable dovetail animals are perfect starter toys for babies - and beyond ($19).
  • Patterned bib 7 of 10
    Patterned bib
    Zara's star bibs are functional, affordable and perfectly patterned for the stylish babe in your life ($17).
  • Baby detergent 8 of 10
    Baby detergent
    Make laundry fun (or at least a bit more luxurious) with The Laundress' baby detergent, complete with a stack of free laundry day vouchers. Mama will thank you endlessly, and baby's non-irritated skin will reap the benefits ($20.50).
  • Heirloom blanket 9 of 10
    Heirloom blanket
    Roma Winkel's heirloom bear blanket is a perfect statement gift -- plus you can personalize the belly with a hand painted message for your favorite babe ($125).
  • Wooden iPhone 10 of 10
    Wooden iPhone
    Make the tech-obsessed parent smile with baby's first iPhone ($22).


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