10 Shopping Days of Giving Back: Alex & Ani


The first time I heard of Alex & Ani was when some friends of mine, from the ONE Foundation, gifted me with a set of energy bracelets. Ginny and Jeannine, both of whom traveled with me to Ethiopia in 2012, sent them to me as a gift to cheer me up when my nephew got sick and specifically sent “energy” to me. It was exactly what I was needing at the time and I thought they were really pretty. Little did I know that the bracelets are also sold as an option in their Charity By Design. The bracelets are eco-friendly (check!), made in America (check!), and incorporate powerful positive messages for the wearer (check!). Needless to say, these are a fashionable statement that I support and I hope you’ll consider something from their catalog as a gift for someone.

Their Charity By Design is considered the “heart” of Alex and Ani. The main designer, Carolyn, works with various organizations in creating designs that reflect the values for which they stand. They encourage philanthropy and want their conscious consumers to make informed choices. They support a variety of organizations like The American Cancer Society, Blessings in a Backpack (feeding children who are food insecure), and the Because I Am a Girl Foundation which helps lift girls out of poverty in developing nations.

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These are my energy charm bracelets artfully displayed on a vase on my bedroom dresser.

Alex and Ani don’t just sell bracelets; they sell rings, necklaces, and earrings as well as collection pieces. My favorite part about the bracelets are that they are expandable which I truly need with these huge knuckles of mine. I rarely am able to purchase something for my wrist because they’re made for women much more dainty than I, but these fit perfectly. The pieces are sturdy, pretty, and I love them. Hopefully, more people will buy from Alex and Ani to support them as they support so many other great causes which you can read more about here. Hurry! Christmas is next week. If you happen to miss that, it’s okay. These are conscious gifts that give back any time of year.

Photos courtesy of Alex and Ani.

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