10 Things I Swore I'd Never Do Or Say That I Do and Say Now


Maybe it’s just me , but I had a firm belief I’d never be the parent my mother was.

In a lot of ways we are very different.

My liberal to her conservative.

My Elvis Costello to her Elvis Presley.

My Twizzlers to her Three Musketeers.

We are just never going to agree on some things.

Imagine my shock when, to my complete disbelief, I found the parenting traits I’d picked up from my mom.

I opened my mouth and my mom would come out!

  • “shut the door! We’re not air conditioning/heating the neighborhood!” 1 of 10
    "shut the door! We're not air conditioning/heating the neighborhood!"
  • The Spit-Clean Maneuver 2 of 10
    The Spit-Clean Maneuver
  • “If you’re bored, I’ll give you something to clean” 3 of 10
    "If you're bored, I'll give you something to clean"
  • Forcing the kids to play outside 4 of 10
    Forcing the kids to play outside
  • “No jumping on the beds!” (well…sometimes) 5 of 10
    "No jumping on the beds!" (well...sometimes)
  • “Stand up straight” 6 of 10
    "Stand up straight"
  • Telling the kids not to smoke…I’ve been a smoker…it’s a hard habit to break 7 of 10
    Telling the kids not to smoke...I've been a's a hard habit to break
  • “Call me when you get there” 8 of 10
    "Call me when you get there"
  • “You’re the oldest! You should know better!” 9 of 10
    "You're the oldest! You should know better!"
  • “Don”t talk with your mouth full” 10 of 10
    "Don"t talk with your mouth full"

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