10 Tips for Creative and Clever Pet Photos: Feline Edition

Yay cats! They’re so weird and wonderful and warm and the fact that you have to earn their love makes me love them even more. We have two adult cats, Wink and Percy, we rescued them from the Indianapolis Humane society just over a year ago and I can’t imagine life without them. Percy is a loveable nerd, he likes to lick my hair, he waits for Addie to get home from school everyday and he sleeps with her every night. Wink is handsome, he lost an eye before we adopted him due to a botched surgery and he also has royal literary bloodlines. Wink is a polydactyl or Hemingway cat, meaning his has thumbs that make it look like he has mittens for front paws.

Tips for Capturing Clever Cat Photos

I self soothe by looking at funny photos of cats, so you can imagine how therapeutic it is to take photos of my own cats. When Tracey asked me if I’d be willing to collaborate with her on her series of taking creative and quirky pet photos I squealed, first of all I adore Tracey and her eye for photography, second of all there is no one with more photos of cats than me.


I know for a fact that if I’m going to embrace the cat lady within me by having a hundred photos of my furry children, they’d better be way more interesting than any old cat picture. Tracey and I each came up with 5 tips for clever pet photography, she’s focusing on her canines, I’m focusing on felines. We then took the 5 tips from the each other and applied them towards our own critters.

10 tips, in your choice of cat, dog or both.

  • Get down with them 1 of 10
    Get down with them
    If you want a truly accurate photo of your cat, you're going to have to get your belly on the floor. Shooting at their eye level gives the most realistic view of them in their domain. Had I tried to take this photo from any higher you wouldn't be able to see Percy's crazy catnip eyes.
  • Get a bird’s eye (human’s eye?) view of them 2 of 10
    Get a bird's eye (human's eye?) view of them
    Get right up above your cat and shoot straight down, especially if your cat is one of those strange belly up paws in the air like they just don't care sleepers, like mine.
  • Let them be weird 3 of 10
    Let them be weird
    Every cat does weird things, some a little more weird than others. Wink likes to rest his mitts over the edge of things, specifically the dining room chairs. Just like kids, cats go through strange little phases that will pass and be forgotten if we don't document them.
  • Spotlight them 4 of 10
    Spotlight them
    Cats live for the limelight, the sunlight, or perhaps just the light of a good desk lamp. Watch for the way your cat moves in and out of light throughout the day (or night) for a more interesting view of them.
  • Sleep study 5 of 10
    Sleep study
    When I moved into my house I knew a cat was meant to grow old in the sunny spot in my front room. While it may just look like a cat crashed out on the carpet (because let's be honest, that's where they are and what they're doing 90% of the time) this picture is the realization of a dream I had when we first bought our house.
  • Tracy’s Tip – In their element 6 of 10
    Tracy's Tip - In their element
    We have a gorgeous backyard that backs up to woods, meaning we have our share of wildlife in the backyard. If you want to find a cat in my house? Check the back window, it has the best squirrel view in town.
  • Tracy’s Tip – Focus on the quirk 7 of 10
    Tracy's Tip - Focus on the quirk
    I mean, I have a one eyed cat with thumbs. It's hard not to focus on his quirks. Our other cat curls his tail when he runs, and from behind they both look like their pants are falling down.
  • Tracy’s Tip – Give them their space (negative space) 8 of 10
    Tracy's Tip - Give them their space (negative space)
    Wink rarely folds his front paws up underneath him (I assume because he's all thumbs) which means when his paws are resting, they often make a perfect little heart shape.
    I figure it's his way of thanking me for rescuing him.
  • Tracy’s Tip – Snuggle up 9 of 10
    Tracy's Tip - Snuggle up
    Fill an entire frame with cat head and you'll be overcome with the desire to kiss it right on the forehead.
  • Tracy’s Tip – Capturing connection 10 of 10
    Tracy's Tip - Capturing connection
    Addie and Percy have a groovy kind of love, he follows her around and lets her dress him up in dresses and bows. The two of them are the best of friends and this photo shows that perfectly.

Have you had a chance to see Tracey’s pooch photos, read her tips and see her interpretation of mine? If not, click over to her site Reframed right now!


Find more of Casey’s writing on her blog moosh in indy. She’s also available on twitter, facebook, flickr and Instagram. If you can’t find her any of those places? Check the couch, she’s probably taking a nap.

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