10 Ways to Have a Better Day


Have a happy day!

Every day has the potential of being a good day but that doesn’t always mean it ends up that way. The key to creating better days is getting it right from the start. Listed here are few of my own tried and true tips that I hope will help you enjoy your own good life a just little bit more. Try these simple steps to start your day off on the right foot.

  • Choose your coffee mug 1 of 10
    Choose your coffee mug
    If you're like me, you've got a collection of mugs, all different shapes, colors, sizes and styles. Chances are each one brings to mind a memory or evokes a mood. Let that influence your decision on which mug you use each morning. Want to celebrate the day? Choose your brightest, boldest mug. Want to be reminded of something? Choose the mug that displays your favorite mantra. The coffee maker or tea kettle is one of our first stops each morning. Choosing a mug might be your first decision of the day, make it count.
  • Make the mundane matter 2 of 10
    Make the mundane matter
    Sometimes the morning routine can feel so routine. And by that I mean, mundane. Instead of carrying on the morning "as usual", participate in your most routine responsibilities in a more playful way. When preparing school lunches, savor a spoonful of peanut butter as you go, use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to share some sandwich love, or drop a surprise note, trinket or sweet into the lunchbox. Small gestures can make a big difference for the recipient and for you.
  • Create a connection 3 of 10
    Create a connection
    It can be hard to find time to actually sit down when you're in the motion of the morning hustle and bustle. By taking just a few extra minutes to sit down with our kids (spouses, pets, whomever) we not only allow for necessary slowdown, we make an important connection. Checking in with your family members each morning is an easy way to influence everyone's day.
  • Tune in to you 4 of 10
    Tune in to you
    Sitting down to just "be" can make all the difference in setting the tone for the day. Whether you choose to do a little deep breathing, meditation, light stretching or just being with yourself, build in a little you-time every morning.
  • Make a call 5 of 10
    Make a call
    In the midst of raising a family, or working from home, or however you might spend your day, life can get lonely. Even when we're surrounded by other people (children or adults) connecting with someone that brings out the best in us can be a lifeline. Starting the day by exchanging either simple salutations or inspiring conversations can be a grounding experience. Just make sure you call someone who will leave you feeling uplifted. There's nothing worse than starting with a defeating phone call so keep that in mind as you peruse your speed dial.
  • Take a gratitude walk 6 of 10
    Take a gratitude walk
    Getting out and getting some fresh air and little exercise never hurt anyone. In fact, it's exactly what the doctor ordered. Although I know it's good for me, I never really got into a routine until I began what I call Gratitude Walks. Walking through my neighborhood with my gratitude glasses on has given me a whole new (grateful) perspective. By focusing on all the small miracles that Mother Nature offers (dandelions, falling leaves, garden blooms) and the little signs that the Universe provides (found hearts, curious shadows, clouds with silver linings) we are reminded that we are a part of something far more expansive—and awesome—than we sometimes realize.
  • Capture the moment 7 of 10
    Capture the moment
    Nothing gets me in a more positive frame of mind than taking pictures. But never fear, you don't have to be a photographer or have a fancy camera to enjoy this practice. By using our camera lens (an iPhone works great) as a tool to mine for the gold of our everyday lives, we are focusing on the beauty and the blessings that often go overlooked.
  • Journal 8 of 10
    Writing can be a very therapeutic practice. Writing specifically about the things we are grateful for at the start of each day (and/or at the end of each day) can help to keep us in a positive and contented state of mind which can set the stage for our entire day. You don't have to write much to get you in the heart-head space of gratitude; the object is just to get there.
  • Light a candle 9 of 10
    Light a candle
    Although candles have been widely used throughout history in ceremony (both somber and celebratory) we might consider them mere decorative household objects now. Even still, there's no reason why we can't embrace the ritual of lighting candles for a purpose. Like choosing a morning coffee mug, choosing a candle to match your mood can support your intention for the day. The simple act of holding a positive thought in our minds as we light a candle can help illuminate the path we will travel that day.
  • Arrange a beautiful view 10 of 10
    Arrange a beautiful view
    It can be overwhelming and unrealistic to try to begin each day with a tidy home or office but it's totally feasible to create a small, lovely vignette to gaze upon that brings us joy. A vase of flowers (the vase is as important as the flowers themselves so make a deliberate choice), a potted plant, a few cherished objects (they can carry meaning or they can just be beautiful, either way), a picture in a frame, or anything else that makes you happy can be easily arranged each day. Whether at your desk, at the kitchen sink, or in a special corner of your home, set up a small display of beauty somewhere in your immediate view. You won't only start the day off right, you'll be able to enjoy it view for the entire day.

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