11 Gross-Out Halloween Candy Ideas

Are you throwing a fall festival party and want the perfect Halloween candy to get a reaction from your attendees? Or, how about a big surprise for those trick-or-treater’s coming to your door?

My girls saw these treats last month when we went shopping and begged me over and over to buy them. They were eager to not only try the creepy Halloween Candy, but to also film their reactions to it.

Folks, we have it all here… Halloween candy from bloody bones, to gummy tongues, zombie meat, ear wax, organs, and boogers picked especially for you! {We even sipped from bags of blood!}

Take a glimpse through our slideshow below and see the creepiest Halloween candy this year has to offer!

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  • Bloody Bones Hard Candy 2 of 12

    These candies really do make for a great photo, and have a tart citrus flavor.  Pop a few and feel those bones crunch!  We found these at Target.

  • Gummy Tongues 3 of 12

    I absolutely cannot think of anything better than when your food is "tasting" you, too!  We found these strawberry-flavored gummy tongues at Target.

  • Gummy Flesh Fries 4 of 12

    Each watermelon-flavored gummy  "Flesh Fry" gives a new definition to finger food!  We found these at Oriental Trading.

  • Ground Zombie 5 of 12

    This looks just like a package of ground beef that you would buy from your local super market!  However, these are strawberry-flavored licorice laces that taste very good. We found these at Target.

  • Spooky Gummy Eyeballs 6 of 12

    I bet if you eat a bag of these, you will be able to see in the dark! We found these at Target.

  • Flix Box of Boogers 7 of 12

    This candy was "picked out" just for you, coming in flavors of Snottermelon, Sour Green Boogy, and Lemon Loogy!  We found these at Target.

  • Candy Blood Bags 8 of 12

    Feeling a bit vampire-ish? We have the perfect safe fix for you! Each Bag 'O Blood is filled with strawberry flavored candy syrup, and printed with some very funny patient information!  We found these at Oriental Trading.

  • Gummy Ear Wax 9 of 12

    There is simply nothing appetizing about this one. Each earwax glob is lemon flavored, and though we cannot attest to real ear wax, this candy tastes quite good. We found these at Oriental Trading.

  • Gummy Organs 10 of 12

    How about a Halloween Harvest of assorted gummy organs, complete with anatomically-correct hearts, brains, lungs, and intestines?  Looking at these, I wonder what the donors looked like! We found these at Oriental Trading.

  • Candy Corn Oreos 11 of 12

    These are not gross in any way, but I am a huge fan of Oreos! So when we saw these we just had to try them out, and, yes, they do really taste like candy corns! We found these at Target.

  • Halloween Jones Soda 12 of 12

    OK, so these are also not gross-out treats either, but Jones Soda always has a knack for creating soda flavors from just about anything!  These kid-sized 8 fl oz Halloween sodas come in flavors of Caramel Apple, Blood Orange, Candy Corn, and Red Licorice. They taste great! We found these at Target.

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