12 Architectural Building Blocks To Inspire Little Builders


There are so many fun ways to get your kiddos building. We’ve got everything from wood blocks, to rubber, to foam in our house, and it’s always fun to find a new set that challenges Dee’s sense of balance and creativity. These inspired sets from design minds old and new make me want to fill my living room with every kind of building blocks and get lost in my imagination. If you think you’ve got a little Neutra on your hands, or even if you don’t, read on for blocks that are fun for all ages!


  • Let’s Get Inspired 1 of 13
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    There are so many ways to get them building. These are just a few.

  • Froebel Blocks 2 of 13

    Called "the first educational toy" from Germany's original Kindergarten, Froebel blocks are said to have inspired Frank Lloyd Wright's interest in architecture.


    Available HERE.

  • Fallingwater LEGO Set 3 of 13

    Speaking of Frank Lloyd Wright, let your little architect tackle the great one's masterwork with LEGO's Fallingwater set.


    Available for $98.00, HERE.

  • Brinca Dada’s Walnut Blocks 4 of 13

    The sky's the limit with these oddly shaped stackers.


    Available for $59.00, HERE.

  • Eames House Blocks 5 of 13

    Sure, it may seem like an overpriced set of really really pretty blocks from the kiddo's perspective, but to you, it's artwork worthy of hanging around your home.


    Available for $159.99, HERE.

  • Edushapes Foam Blocks 6 of 13

    For your toddler on up, let their imagination go big.


    Available for $147.00, HERE.

  • Citiblocs 7 of 13

    With Citiblocs, you and your kiddo can quite literally build anything!


    Available starting at $39.99, HERE.

  • Melissa and Doug 8 of 13

    Based on the original Froebel blocks, and also available in Architectural shapes.


    Available for $54.99, HERE.

  • Tegu Endeavor Set 9 of 13

    This magnetic set will unleash the creativity in your little builder.


    Available for $60.00, HERE.

  • Eames Office House Of Cards 10 of 13

    There are oh-so-many ways to play with this set from the original Eames Office.


    Available for $55.00, HERE.

  • Rainbow Blocks 11 of 13

    From Nova Naturals -- build a house, build a boat, build a city -- build a whole technicolor world!


    Available for $46.00, HERE.

  • Four Element Set 12 of 13

    Also from Nova Naturals, this set of silhouettes will challenge your budding designers mind in new and exciting ways.


    Customizable sets starting at $119.00, HERE.

  • Wonderfoam 13 of 13

    Get them thinking outside the blocks with these colorful shapes from Wonderfoam.


    Available for $50.93, HERE.


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