12 Photos You’ll Never See On Pinterest

I’m addicted to Pinterest as much as the next mom; I’ve found a whole lot of amazing decorating and dinner ideas there. I’m grateful to the über-creative people coming up with them. But there are times when I reach my pin-point—as in, I can’t take another suggestion. And not just because I feel guilty for not packing fruit kabobs in my kids’ lunch boxes or that perusing wedding-dress boards has become a real time-suck (I’ve been happily married for 12 years).

I get overwhelmed by all the pin-spiration. Life is too short to make most everything you put into your mouth or home precious, fancy or meaningful. Mess can be beautiful! Giving kids canned, extremely-un-homemade ravioli is not yet a crime punishable by law! In the famous words of my mom, “Perfect, shmerfect.”

Guaranteed, you won’t see any of these any of these craft, food or style photos on Pinterest. And that’s a good thing.

  • Pinterest photo you’ll never see #1 1 of 12

    It may just be the last multitasking habit that has yet to catch on. 

    Image source: Flickr/

  • Pinterest photo you’ll never see #2 2 of 12

    Puréed porcini? No, thanks. 

    Image source: Flickr/Charles de Mille-Isles  

  • Pinterest photo you’ll never see #3 3 of 12

    Save tots' construction skills for Tinker Toys.

    Image source: Flickr/Shannon Kringen

  • Pinterest photo you’ll never see #4 4 of 12

    Not to be confused with "Pants with patterns so bold nobody will notice your kids wiped their hands on them."

    Image source: Flickr/AgathaGarcia

  • Pinterest photo you’ll never see #5 5 of 12

    One kind of clip art the world does not need. 

    Image source: Flickr/Bradley Gordon

  • Pinterest photo you’ll never see #6 6 of 12

    Amazingly, umbilical-cord crafts are also relatively rare. 

    Image source: Flickr/Tanya Little

  • Pinterest photo you’ll never see #7 7 of 12

    Sleep: Still a chore-free activity!

    Image source: Flickr/Food & Spirits Magazine

  • Pinterest photo you’ll never see #8 8 of 12

    Although, hmmm, this could actually come in handy.

    Image source: Flickr/Bart Everson

  • Pinterest photo you’ll never see #9 9 of 12

    Happily, no Diaper Genie-us has come up with this...yet.

    Image source: Flickr/Regal+Lagerq

  • Pinterest photo you’ll never see #10 10 of 12

    Like they need to be sucked into our addiction, too. 

    Image source: Flickr/Callie Callie Jump Jump

  • Pinterest photo you’ll never see #11 11 of 12

    Wreath lovers have yet to embrace this half-baked idea. 

    Image source: Flickr/fo.ol

  • Pinterest photo you’ll never see #12 12 of 12

    Nobody would be caught dead making these. He, he. 

    Image source: Flicker/akeg

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