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12 Phrases Married Folks Absolutely Love to Hear

As married folks, we realize that there is power in the words that we speak to our spouses. Through our words, we have the ability to uplift, encourage and motivate our spouse or tear them down and discourage them. Check out these common every day phrases that us married folks absolutely love to hear:

  • 1. Baby I Got This! 1 of 12

    If you want to see your spouse instantly exhale, say these 4 little words "Baby I got this."  Go ahead... and just try them the next time your spouse is tired from a long day of work… "Baby I got this….don't worry about the kids or dinner tonight."  There is so much power in the words that we speak to each other, and these words have the ability to make your spouse feel safe and they have the ability to lift their burdens.

    Photo Credit: bikeriderlondon

  • 2. What Did Your Mama Say?! 2 of 12

    Kids sometimes try to play parents against each other.  And when one parent says "no," then they will go to the other parent to see if they can get a "yes." Hearing the words "what did your mom/dad say" lets you know and lets that child know that you and your spouse are a team.

    Photo Credit: Andy Dean Photography

  • 3. It’s on Tonight! 3 of 12
    text message_Kathy D

    Stop clutching your pearls, we are grown married folks here.  And telling your spouse (or texting them) "it's on tonight" gives them something to look forward to all day long… and will put some extra pep in their step at work.

    Photo Credit: Kathy D

  • 4. It’s About to Go Down! 4 of 12

    This is a bit different than the previous phrase. This one means, right here, right now.  Put on a video for the kids, lock the door, and turn up the volume on the TV.  As couples, we need a little spontaneity in our lives.

    Photo Credit:  michaeljung

  • 5. We’re Celebrating Our 25th Wedding Anniversary! 5 of 12

    As married couples, we love it (and I mean capital L-O-V-E) when another couple says they are celebrating 20 or more years of marriage.  This is cause for celebration.  We love it because there is so much negativity around us as it pertains to marriage. We love it because it inspires us and gives us hope for own marriages.

    Photo Credit:  Raywoo

  • 6. My Wife Said… 6 of 12
    Male_phone_Jaimie Duplass

    Have you ever been around a person (one that you have known for quite some time, like a co-worker) and not know that person was married? How is that possible? I mean… what does that person have to hide?  As a married woman, I love when I catch my husband talking about me to someone else.  It shows me that he is thinking about me and that being married is a part of who he is.

    Photo Credit: Jaime Duplass

  • 7. What Are WE Doing This Weekend? 7 of 12

    The key word in this phrase is WE. A spouse that says what are WE doing this weekend is a spouse that wants to be present and involved.  A spouse that says what are WE doing this weekend is not selfishly making plans without checking with their partner first.  If your spouse is a "What are WE doing this weekend" type of spouse, please don't take that for granted.  Because it really sucks when you essentially have only 2 days off from work and your partner is always making plans to do things without you.

    Photo Credit:  iofoto

  • 8. You Can Do It! 8 of 12
    Thumbs up _ stylesr1

    When you have a supportive spouse that encourages and believes in you, you can achieve anything!

    Photo Credit: stylesr1

  • 9. We Did It! 9 of 12
    happy_couple_Pavel Losevsky

    A few weeks back, Lamar and I got some very good news for our business.  The email hit our inboxes at the same time.  We read the email and then we jumped up from our desks and gave each other a hive five, hugged and cheered, right there in the office.  We did it and we did it together. It was the best feeling.  There's nothing like setting goals, working on them and then accomplishing them with your spouse.

    Photo Credit: Pavel Losevsky

  • 10. Have Fun! 10 of 12

    Sometimes we need some "me" time or a night out with our girls/boys. And isn't it awesome when your spouse sends you off with love: "Have a great time deserve it."

    Photo Credit: auremar

  • 11. How Was Your Day? 11 of 12

    There is nothing better than being greeted with love by your spouse with a hug and a kiss and a "How was your day, honey." Each day, take some time to greet each other and to discuss how the day went.

    Photo Credit: Matt Hayward

  • 12. Hey Babe! 12 of 12

    Pet names are awesome! I absolutely love it when my husband calls me babe, honey, and a few other names I am not going to share :-)  

    Photo Credit: Kurhan

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