12 Creative (and Delicious!) School Lunch Sandwiches

One of the most fun parts about being a mom is making school lunches. It can also be one of the most frustrating. One day you feel inspired and creative, making meals you can’t wait for your kid to find his lunch box; the next day you’re banging your head against the wall because you feel like a failure for preparing the same boring thing day after day.

One of the things I find kids love most about the surprise of opening their lunch box isn’t just how the food will taste, but also how pleasing it is to their eye. Just making everything look good can have a big effect your kid’s excitement level. I always try and pay attention to how Kenya’s lunch will look to him the first time he sees it. Here I have 12 beautiful school lunch sandwiches to help you find some lunch time inspiration!

  • Chloe’s Olive Tomato Sandwich 1 of 12

    Chloe personally selected the ingredients to make this sandwich using lettuce, gorgeous Cherokee tomatoes, thick slices of cheddar cheese, and of course her favorite, black olives. When it was complete it seemed almost impossible that she would be able to put back this entire sandwich, but never underestimate the zeal of a four year old. Chloe ate every last bite and even asked me for more! 

  • Turkey Brie Pesto Panini 2 of 12

    Photo and Recipe by What's Goby Cooking.

    As Gaby says, this sandwich was created with one goal in mind: don't turn on the oven or the stove because it is just too hot! So pull out your trusty panini maker, and get ready to drool over this amazing, melted brie and turkey panini!

  • Egg Pesto Melt 3 of 12

    This Egg Pesto Melt is Kenya's absolute favorite sandwich! I don't know what meal I make it for most often: school lunch, after school snack, or dinner, but any time we make this sandwich it is devoured within minutes!

  • Cobb Salad Sandwich 4 of 12

    Photo and Recipe by Two Peas and Their Pod.

    Who doesn't love a classic cobb salad? It is such a satisfying meal in and of itself. When you sandwich the Classic Cobb between two pieces of your favorite bread, it just takes it up to another level!

  • Banana Dog Bites 5 of 12

    Have you ever thought about how many peanut butter and something sandwiches you've made for your kids? I think I lost count about two years ago. To alleviate the monotony of day in, day out sammie making (for both me and my kids), I've started whipping up these Banana Dog Bites.

  • Mayo-Free Egg Salad Sandwich 6 of 12

    Photo and Recipe by Shutterbean.

    Yes, you read that right! This beautiful Egg Salad Sandwich contains no mayo at all, and it is full of flavor!

  • Chicken Caesar Wrap 7 of 12

    We always have cooked chicken in our fridge so that we can whip up meals in minutes. These Chicken Caesar Wraps are one of my favorite ways to use up that chicken. Between Kenya's love of any kind of food put in a wrap and Chloe's obsession with olives, it's not hard for me to understand why my little ones love them too. These sandwiches can be put together in no time flat....and eaten up just as fast!

  • Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwich 8 of 12

    Photo and Recipe by Brown Eyed Baker.

    Pesto makes many things better. Mix it into your chicken salad, serve it on a buttery croissant and you may just find your new favorite lunch time sandwich!

  • The Ultimate Club Sandwich 9 of 12

    Recipe and Photo by Joy The Baker.

    Crisp bacon, juicy tomatoes, fresh spinach, perfectly ripe avocado all topped with melted brie cheese! Do I even need to say anything more? Make this Ultimate Club for lunch right now. 

  • Sushi Sandwiches 10 of 12

    I thought of ways to put a cool visual spin on the same old same old tuna sandwich. The result was these "sushi" sandwiches. They are a fun take on a tuna sandwich crossed with a sushi roll (don't worry, there's nothing raw here). All you do is flatten your bread, fill it with healthy tuna fish salad, roll it up and then cut it into individual bites. It's not only delicious, but an exciting treat that will impress your kids, and be fun for them to eat.

  • Banana Cream Cheese Sammie 11 of 12

    Whatever daddy eats the kids want to eat....or at least that's true in our family. My husband is really into eating breakfast sandwiches for breakfast, so of course Kenya and Chloe want them also. This Banana Cream Cheese Sammie is definitely not exclusively for breakfast, it's really delicious first thing in the morning or just as a carbohydrate filled lunch treat to keep everyone full of energy and ready to keep going for the rest of the day until dinner!

  • Sandwich on a Stick 12 of 12

    have you ever tried putting a sandwich on a stick? For starters, all of the ingredients stay much more fresh that way because they're not sitting right on the sandwich spread and, come on, isn't everything just better when it comes on a stick? My kids definitely thought so when they saw me packing these unique kabobs in their lunch boxes. They both let out a little chuckle when I told them I had put their sandwiches on sticks. And while it sounded a little silly to them both at first, as soon as they started munching and sliding off the ingredients one after the other, they totally got in on the fun.

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