15 Beautiful Napping Babies.


Every afternoon, roughly between 1pm and 3pm, my Instagram stream fills with familiar images. Listen closely and you can almost hear a collective sigh of relief whoosh across our small world. Naptime has arrived.

I adore Instagram for several reasons, not the least of which is that it draws gorgeous little threads between our daily lives, connecting us across cultures, languages, and experiences. An Apple app (for iPhone, iPod Touch) that functions, in the most basic terms, similar to a twitter for pictures. But it’s more than that.

Snapshot glimpses into each other’s routines, peeks into each other’s cities and country roads, brushes with each other’s most important moments and most minor moments. I love it. I can spend hours favoriting your images, an instant gesture of “I see you there.”

Over the last few months, without realizing it, I have hearted dozens of images of your babies, young and older and not exactly “babies” after all, slipping into the magic hour of naptime.

Bathed in soft light, sprawled out on the floor, passed out on your chest, or lulled to sleep in the car. I adore these moments and I bet you will, too. Because, tell me, what is more beautiful than a napping baby?

Be still your hearts. Beautiful napping babies:

Credit top photo: Napping siblings, holding hands
by White Apples, @WhiteApples