15 DIY Paper Crafts You Have To Make by Damask Love


Winter is just now settling in, and we have a long haul to spring, so why not line up some fun and easy crafting projects to keep the indoors lively and fun? Luckily the amazing Amber Kemp-Gerstel, the paper-making genius behind Damask Love, is constantly coming up with innovative paper crafts for DIY lovers of all levels. The goal of Damask Love is to keep things simple and approachable for those who are new to crafting, so even if you’re short on time and looking for a project to tackle after a day at work or for an afternoon in with the kids or for a quickly approaching event, Amber’s got you covered. We’re super excited about these 15 projects and know that you will be too.

  • DIY Stamped Clay Succulent Pots 1 of 15

    Okay so these aren't a paper project (Damask Love branches out beyond paper crafts sometimes), but how amazing are these? Store-bought pots can be drab and expensive, so why not take matters into your own hands and craft your own. All you need is some oven-bake clay and shaping tools. So easy and beautiful!
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  • Bookbinding How-Tos 2 of 15

    Not only are the crafts at Damask Love easy, but they're also incredibly professional looking. In just a few easy steps, Amber shows you how to add headbands and elastic band closures to notebooks, making them incredibly gift worthy!
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  • DIY Hand-Stamped Fabric Tape 3 of 15

    These hand-stamped fabric tapes are so easy to make. Tape the kids artwork with it, wrap presents with it — I'm sure there are about a hundred uses for adhesives that look this amazing. 
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  • DIY Hardcover Journal 4 of 15

    Damask Love pretty much has you covered for all your bookbinding needs. Start with this hardcover tutorial and move on to the add-on tutorials for beautiful journals to give or to hang onto and fill with photographs and anecdotes. 
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  • DIY Gelato Ombre Paper 5 of 15

    Ombre paper is so gorgeous and, it turns out, incredibly easy to do. I want to make a set of these and give them to the next lucky person to have a birthday. 
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  • DIY Gold Embossed & Handwritten Notecards 6 of 15

    In this tutorial Amber shows you how to work some glittery gold magic with a Versamarker. Don't know what that is? No worries. Click through to the tutorial to see how to make a pile of magical cards with this amazing tool.
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  • DIY Marble Letterpress Tags 7 of 15

    If you have an occasion to celebrate coming up, you've got to check out this super fun tutorial for making marble letterpress tags. Bonus: You get to use shaving cream!
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  • DIY Mail Tube Pencil Case 8 of 15

    Here's how to make a fresh and modern pencil case from a mail tube. Basically all you need is some pretty paper, glue, and tape and you're all set for an easy, fun afternoon crafting project. Genius right? 
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  • Handmade Box Of Chocolates 9 of 15

    Wow — and wow. How fun would it be to give this handmade creation to your sweetheart this Valentine's Day. This box is entirely constructed by hand. What's great is you could fill it with anything — chocolates, cookies, candy. Yum!
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  • Easy DIY Paper Punch Flowers 10 of 15

    Here's a super simple way to make magical paper flowers with punches. What fun to make a bunch up for garland, gift wrapping, party table toppers, and more.
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  • DIY Valentine’s Day Cards 11 of 15

    I love this super sweet project, because it comes with a printable template and because the cards have a place to insert a treat built right in. Your kid will be a rockstar handing this out to classroom friends on Valentine's Day.
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  • DIY Paper Ribbon Banner 12 of 15

    Paper banners are pretty trendy right now and great for gift wrapping and scrapbooking. 
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  • DIY According Folder 13 of 15

    Now that you're addicted to Damask Love you'll need some place to store all those amazing handmade paper creations you'll accumulate. Turns out it's also easy to make you're own customized organizer. In true Damask Love style, it's both simple and stylish.
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  • DIY Die-Cut Tea Bags 14 of 15

    Tea bags make excellent party favors, especially with whipstitched edges and custom tags. Think weddings and baby and bridal showers.
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  • Simple DIY Gift Packaging 15 of 15

    Of course Damask Love is going to fully deliver all the gift-wrapping DIYs you could wish for. Amber shows how to use the latest and greatest crafting supplies out there to effortlessly create the most beautiful packaging. Enjoy!
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