17 Spooky Delicious Halloween Treats Here!


I know that candy gets all the attention when it comes to Halloween treats, but let’s not forget about the party food! Between school, work, and other functions, it’s safe to bet you’re invited to (or hosting!) at least one Halloween shindig this year. And I think it would be in your best interest not to show up empty handed. I’ve got you covered in that department with a few slightly spooky and delightfully fun ghoulish treats and tasters in the gallery below. Click through for all the best ideas!


Mummy Dogs 1 of 17
You'll be scared silly with how simple these come together!

Learn how to make it at Damn Delicious
Puff Pastry Intestines 2 of 17
Ewwww... and awesome all at the same time. Isn't puff pastry the best?

Learn how to make it at Kitchen Overlord
Banana Ghosts 3 of 17
Here's a bit of a healthy alternative to the sugar rush of Halloween! Banana Ghosts!

Learn how to make it at Lauren Conrad
Band-Aid Grahams 4 of 17
Once you reign in your gag reflex, these bloody band-aid cookies come together in a snap.

Learn how to make it at Noble Pig
Candy Corn Rice Krispies 5 of 17
Take a break from the gross out stuff with these yummy candy corn rice krispies.

Learn how to make it at Martha Stewart
Brainy Cupcakes 6 of 17
Get your thinking caps on (get it, hah!)...

Learn how to make it at Martha Stewart
Ghastly Pear Ghosts 7 of 17
Cover those pears with caramel and frosting and pipe on a ghoulish face for a sweet and tasty scare.

Learn how to make it at Taste of Home
Clementine Pumpkins 8 of 17
The directions call for pipe cleaners to be used as stems but I bet you could use a celery stick to make the whole thing completely edible.

Learn how to make it at Lauren Conrad
Ladies' Fingers and Men's Toes 9 of 17
Finger foods, my favorite!

Learn how to make it at Martha Stewart
Salty Bones 10 of 17
Refrigerated breadstick dough is the trick to these boney treats.

Learn how to make it at Simply Being Mommy
Candy Corn Marshmallows 11 of 17
Tone down the creepy with these cute little candy corn dipped marshmallows. They're kind of adorable don't you think?

Learn how to make it at Made to be a Momma
Monster Apple Bites 12 of 17
For a healthy alternative snack on these creepy monster bites, those teeth are yogurt covered raisins (I've also seen them done with marshmallows).

Learn how to make it at H-E-B
Mummy Jigglers 13 of 17
What kid doesn't love jigglers and these mummy ones are perfect for Halloween.

Learn how to make it at Ginger Snap Crafts
Spider Web Snacks 14 of 17
These pretzel spider webs serve up a tasty little snack.

Learn how to make it at Mom Endeavors
Eyeball Punch 15 of 17
Here's a Halloween twist on an old standard. Sherbet and 7-Up with a candy eyeball, gross!

Learn how to make it at Dukes and Duchesses
Zombie Fingers 16 of 17
String cheese and red bell peppers make up the bones of this spooky snack.

Learn how to make it at
Ghost Cookies 17 of 17
Oooooo! Cutest little ghosts made from white chocolate dipped Nutter Butters. So tasty!

Learn how to make it at Musings From a Stay at Home Mom
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