2011: The Year in Popcorn


So many entertaining things happened in 2011. Let’s talk about them!

  • Most Surprising Celebrity Split 1 of 10
    Most Surprising Celebrity Split
    Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard, who met in 1982 on the set of Frances, never married but had two children together, and who split so quietly in 2010 that it didn't become public until the end of 2011.
  • Most Insightful Internet Meme 2 of 10
    Most Insightful Internet Meme
    Feminist Ryan Gosling. Let yourself learn from these now-famous feminist flash cards, built by the great Danielle Henderson as a tool to help her stay sane in her first semester of grad school.
  • Best Half-Hour of Live TV 3 of 10
    Best Half-Hour of Live TV
    Episode 4 of season 5 of 30 Rock, which the cast performed twice, once for a live East Coast broadcast and, after a reset, once more for the West. One of the hardest-working casts in show business doing a live show about a live show was one small step for Liz Lemon, and one large step for all Lemonkind.
  • Best Comedy Album(s) 4 of 10
    Best Comedy Album(s)
    Louis CK released two albums in 2011, Hilarious, which takes apart life in these United States and puts it back together again in a way that makes a little more sense, and the self-released Live at the Beacon Theater, for which he's earned more than $1 million, and then given more than half of that away. Louis wins.
  • Best Podcast That I Know Of 5 of 10
    Best Podcast That I Know Of
    Ronna and Beverly are two middle-aged white ladies broadcasting from Ronna's all-white living room in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Their guests have included podcast darling Paul F. Tompkins, TV bad-ass Martha Plimpton, Bridesmaids director Paul Feig, and others who can barely keep up with what R&B are laying down.
  • Best Celebrity Photo on Twitter 6 of 10
    Best Celebrity Photo on Twitter
    It helps if you've watched at least one episode of Glee, but it's not mandatory.
  • Best and Funniest Cameo-filled Music Video 7 of 10
    Best and Funniest Cameo-filled Music Video
    It helps if you love the Beastie Boys, but it's not mandatory:
  • Best Animated Non-Pixar Sequel 8 of 10
    Best Animated Non-Pixar Sequel
    Kung Fu Panda 2. This movie was really, really good. Gary Oldman should be the heavy in every movie, animated or not, until the end of time. Bonus trivia I learned on a tour of Dreamworks: the editor recorded her own new baby's cooing to use as Baby Po's voice.
  • Best Fake Parenting Book 9 of 10
    Best Fake Parenting Book
    Let's Panic About Babies! of course! (And not just because I wrote half of it.) (Well, okay, mostly because I wrote half of it, but Kirkus loved it.)
  • Best Celebrity Baby 10 of 10
    Best Celebrity Baby
    Oh, right, like I'm going to choose who had the best baby. I wouldn't touch that one with Yoda's 10-foot pole. Photo by DVIDSHUB/Flickr

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