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22 Gifts Your Teen Secretly Wants — for $50 or less!

Shopping for teens can be hard, especially in the holiday season when you’re trying to find the perfect gift for your best friend’s husband’s cousin’s teen whom you’ve never met, or your teen who just shrugs and says “I don’t know,” when you ask them what they want. That is why I’ve put together 22 gifts under $50 that teens secretly want. These gifts are unique, sure to please, and — even more importantly — keep the budget in check.

From clothes, to beauty products, to stationery … click through for 22 gift ideas for teens that they’re sure to love!


  • "F For Effort" Book, $9.99 1 of 22
    f for effort

    This book looks incredibly funny. All teenagers can relate to being in the situation where they are faced with a stupid question in school, and they just want to write something sarcastic and witty instead of the boring answer the teacher wants. This book is filled with the sarcastic and witty answers that some students had the guts to write, and makes the perfect present for any teenager. Buy it here on Modcloth

  • Cupcake Mask, $6.95 2 of 22
    chocolate mask

    This stuff looks like something you'd find on the ground after a rainy day, right? Trust me though, looks are most definitely deceiving — this face mask smells like a delicious chocolate cupcake, and will make all those teenage zits disappear. Another bonus? All of Lush's jars are recycled, and they don't test on animals. Buy it here, from Lush. 

  • Earphones, $29.99 3 of 22

    I know, your teenager probably already has earphones right? Trust me, though. Your teenager could use another pair of earphones. Earphones break easily or just one earbud breaks and it's all awkward because you start getting afraid that you'll loose hearing in one ear because that's the only ear you ever listen to stuff in because that's the only earbud that works. There's also the hidden boredom of when you're wanting to listen to music, and — whoops — your earphones break and you just sit there, bored out of your mind.  Find them from Amazon.

  • Shower Jelly, $6.95- $11.95 4 of 22
    shower jelly

    This product is both amazingly weird yet incredibly cool. It's basically this shower jelly which smells fabulous (think a mix of black currant, cherries, and coconut) and leaves you sparkling like Edward Cullen after every shower (it has glitter inside the jelly. Like I said, weird).  It's perfect for anyone who loves using amazing bath products. Find this from Lush.

  • Customized Monopoly Game, $29.99 5 of 22

    This is so awesome! Basically, you can make your teenager their very own customised Monopoly game, from inserting their pictures on the board, to choosing the game pieces. Sure, Monopoly is basically the game that never ends, but maybe now your teen will be a little more inclined to get off their laptop/ phone/ iPod and play a game with the family. Find this from CafePress.

  • Textbook Romance Book, $15.92 6 of 22

    Don't look at me like that! It's satirical. (Somewhat). It's also hilarious. I would liken it to the movie 'How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days'. It's a nice balance of "some day your prince will come" with a dose of reality - "your prince will come, but you need to like yourself first, and not think your self worth is defined by a guy". It's definitely worth the read, in my opinion.  This is available only in the Kindle Edition from Amazon.  

  • Travel Mug, $16.99 7 of 22
    travel mug

    If you don't know about the moustache craze with teenagers these days, let me catch you up: basically, this moustache right here, is cool. And it's cool to have merchandise with that moustache on it, hence why a lot of stores are now selling products with that moustache on it. I don't know how, or why it became cool, but I do know this: this travel mug is perfect for any teenager who is a fan of drinking hot drinks on the go. This is available from Modcloth.

  • Pop of the Morning Tote, $19.99 8 of 22
    tote 3

    This is super cute, and would make a great book or beach bag. Seriously though, it's just plain adorable you guys, and is available from Modcloth.


  • Q&A a Day Journal, $16.99 9 of 22

    This is like a time capsule of questions! Perfect for the teenager who likes to write, but doesn't know what to write about. They can look back in five years and see how much they've changed - it provides a unique twist on the concept of a journal. All in all, it's pretty darn cool. Find this from Modcloth.


  • "The Hunger Games" Exercise Shirt, $21.60 10 of 22
    hunger games

    Know a teen that is a fan of The Hunger Games, but also of working out? This humorous shirt is the perfect gift for them. Who knows - maybe they'll even meet their very own Peeta or Katniss whilst they're training. Find this from Activate Apparel.


  • Speakers, $49.99 11 of 22

    Speakers are a must for any teenage that loves music. I, personally, have my iPod speakers in my bathroom next to my shower, and like to blast the volume up as high as it goes so I can sing in the shower (don't judge me).You can find these particular bluetooth speakers at Target . 

  • L’Occitane Hair Mask, $32.00 12 of 22

    By George, this stuff is amazing. If the best shampoo and conditioner ever had a love child, it would be this stuff. It smells like heaven, and it transforms your hair into glossy locks which smell delicious. One jar will generally last six to eight weeks. This particular hair mask is useful for hair which has been dyed before, or is subjected to a hair straightener or curling iron frequently. My definition of "frequently" is quite lax - I personally use it in my hair, which I have highlighted once a year, and straight it with my hair straightener about once every four months, and it's brilliant. Find this from L'Occitane.  



  • This Poster, $16 13 of 22

    Decorate your teen's room with this oh-so-true poster. You can find this from CafePress, and your teenager is sure to love it. 


  • Philosophy Gingerbread House Set Bath Products, $42.00 14 of 22

    Philosophy is fantastic. Expensive, but fantastic. Their stuff smells exactly like the flavour it's supposed to be, and on the bottle of each bottle of shower gel or shampoo is a recipe for whatever it's supposed to be. It's perfect for anyone who likes flavoured shower and bath products. Their boxes are also adorable, which is an added plus. (Ahem. Written by me, the person whose bathroom is decorated solely by philosophy boxes, and buys whichever philosophy products will coordinate best with her 'colour scheme'). This particular set is available from Sephora.

  • Today Is Going To Be A Great Day Cushion, $8.95 15 of 22

    You know those days where it seems like your teenager has woken up on the wrong side of bed, and is determined to have a negative attitude? Counteract the negativity first thing in the morning, with a positive pillow, convincing them, that like it or not, "today is going to be a great day". Plus, it's pretty. You can find this from from Typo's website .


  • Netflix Shirt, $22.40 16 of 22

    Almost exactly my sentiments. If it wasn't for the gym having more television channels than I do, I wouldn't go nearly as much. We Australians aren't privy to the greatness that is Netflix, but your Netflix loving teen will be sure to appreciate this shirt.You can find this shirt  from Activate Apparel.


  • Notebooks, $5.95 17 of 22

    Nobody really loves the learning aspect of school, right? Right, but make their learning aspect of school a little cooler with Typo's range of really awesome exercise books. See all their designs here. Trust me on this one - Typo in Australia owes all its' profits to school students desperate to make their stationery items as cool as possible.You can find this book on Typo's website.


  • Phone Case, $7.25 18 of 22
    iphone case

    A great stocking filler - a new phone case! This one is available at Aeropostale, but there are also cute designs available here and here. 


  • Procrastination Journal, $8.00 19 of 22

    This journal is empty, baring the lines, so your teenager can use it for anything - their personal diary, drawing, writing, as a school exercise book, whatever they want. Perfect for the budding procrastinator that is inside all of us.You can find this from the Cotton On Website.

  • Hogwarts Work Out Shirt, $22.40 20 of 22

    Want to be prepared for Hogwarts and all the staircases? (I mean, after all, that's the craziest thing about Hogwarts. The staircases. The magic and stuff is totally normal). Then you should work out. This cute shirt would make a great present for your Harry Potter fan, and you can find this at Activate Apparel


  • Dinosaur Desk Organizer, $14.12 21 of 22

    This desk organizer is ridiculously cute. Perfect to write themselves reminders on and store their pens in, your teen will love this dinosaur, and it makes a great stocking stuffer. This is available from Amazon.


  • This Car Bumper Sticker, $3.99 22 of 22

    Do you have a new teenager driver in your family? Stick this bumper sticker in the back of your car, so all the other cars know not to honk when your teen driver goes too slowly, signals right when they mean to go left, or stops abruptly  in the middle of a busy roundabout to have a minor meltdown (ahem, me, first day I started learning). Find this from CafePress  - at only $3.99, this makes a great and cheap stocking stuffer. 


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