25 Beautiful Bento Box Creations

Bento box art is quickly becoming a big trend you might just want to try. With a balanced meal of a sandwich, fruits, and veggies, you can pretty much make anything you want. Simple tricks like using food coloring on rice and cookie cutters to make shapes can do wonders. Surprise your child with a meal based on his or her favorite book, or come up with something completely new!

Be inspired to turn a healthy lunch into a masterpiece with these 25 Beautiful Bento Box Creations.

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    25 Beautiful Bento Box Creations

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  • Butterfly in the Garden 2 of 26

    This healthy lunch is also so beautiful to look at.
    Find out more at Spoonful.

  • Penguin Bites 3 of 26

    Give your kids a balanced meal with turkey, bread, cheese, eggs, and more to make up this chill creation.
    Find out more at Spoonful.

  • Lorax Bento 4 of 26

    Make Truffula trees from strawberries, and turn a sandwich into the Lorax.
    Find out more at Rachel's Random.

  • Landing on the Moon 5 of 26

    Make your child an inspiring lunch about what they are learning in school.
    Find out more at Spoonful.

  • On the Farm Bento 6 of 26

    Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes, like a pig face, little sheep, and cows. Fruit leather worked great to give the accent features on the pig.
    Find out more at Craftiness is Not Optional.

  • Blooming Garden 7 of 26

    I love the cheese and turkey flowers that were made with cuts of garlic naan
    Find out more at Wendolonia.

  • Halloween Inspired 8 of 26

    Use food-safe markers to draw little faces onto Goldfish, and turn a sandwich into candy corn with cheese.
    Find out more at Craftiness is Not Optional.

  • Baby Bunny 9 of 26

    Use food coloring to draw on cheese and cut out fun shapes with cooking scissors to make these animals.
    Find out more at Craftiness is Not Optional.

  • It’s a Buggy Bug World 10 of 26

    Use the wax wrapper from the cheese to turn them into ladybugs. Mix ham and cheese in tortillas to make roll-ups, and make floral cucumbers with cookie cutters.
    Find out more at Craftiness is Not Optional.

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears Bento 11 of 26

    This definitely takes some time, but it is so worth it when you come out with these adorable characters in a bento box.
    Find out more at Adventures in Bentomaking.

  • Panda Bento 12 of 26

    Hide meat, like chicken, under the rice to save space and leave a great platform for making a fun character like this panda.
    Find out more at Happy Little Bento.

  • Where the Wild Things Eat 13 of 26

    Your child's favorite book is a great place to get inspiration for creating their bento box.
    Spottedat Rhinestone Armadillo.

  • French Bento Box 14 of 26

    Use broccoli to make trees, and color rice with food coloring to make the sky and flowers.
    Find out more at Creative Thinker.

  • Minions Bento Box 15 of 26

    Create a lunch based on Despicable Me with this video tutorial.
    Find out more at Create Eat Happy.

  • Three Little Pigs 16 of 26

    Use leftovers to as a way to make a creative bento box instead of creating a whole new meal.
    Find out more at Adventures in Bentomaking.

  • Hello Kitty 17 of 26

    Use rice to construct Hello Kitty's body and seaweed for the eyes and whiskers.
    Spotte at Media.

  • Totoro Bento Box 18 of 26

    Mix rice with ground black sesame to make your adorable little Totoro in a bento box.
    Find out more at Bentozen.

  • Matryoshka Lunch 19 of 26

    Use cheese and nori to make this matryoshka, and decorate the bento box with sweet potato doilies.
    Find out more at Bentozen.

  • Bunny on the Move 20 of 26

    This bento box contains veggie meatballs, Japanese picks, rice, scallions, flower carrots, and a sweet potato bunny.
    Find out more at Bentozen.

  • Angry Birds Bento Box 21 of 26

    Angry Birds is a great way to start making your bento boxes, because none of the shapes needed are very complex.
    Find out more at Cuisine Paradise.

  • Mozart Bento Box 22 of 26

    Keep your kids excited about learning by turning their food into something educational, like Mozart and his music.
    Find out more at Kid Nutrition.

  • Homer Simpson 23 of 26

    This may be a bento even your husband would like. Use eggs to make bulging eyes and rice for the face.
    Find out more at My Modern Met.

  • Super Smash Brothers 24 of 26

    Make healthy food look more appealing to your child by turning it into a fun character, like using lettuce to make Yoshi.
    Find out more at My Modern Met.

  • Wallace and Gromit 25 of 26

    Make sure your child gets a balanced meal with veggies, fruits, rice, and meat.
    Find out more at Starming.

  • Firetruck Coming Through 26 of 26

    This mama made her child a delicious spread of turkey and figs with a garlic naan firetruck.
    Find out more at Wendolonia.

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