3 Creative Ways to Transform Your Child's Drawings


I haven’t yet entered the paper stage of parenting. You know what I’m referencing — that bittersweet era where your child barrels through the door with Yet Another Art Project and you (1) smile, and then (2) rack your brain trying to make space between Another Art Project and Still Another Art Project until your entire house has exploded with Mead products. Fear not — the Internet has a solution. Enjoy three unbelievable ways to turn your kid’s drawings into a keepsake you’ll both treasure forever:

1. The Sandstone Sculpture
Price: $130, plus international shipping
3d printed in full color, designer Bernat Cuni molds sandstone sculptures based on your child’s favorite drawing. Order here; lead time is approximately 3 weeks.

2. The Stuffed Animal (pictured)
Price: $90 – $140
Designer Wendy Tsao has crafted over 400 stuffed animals based on children’s drawings from her Vancouver studio. To be added to her 2013 wait list, subscribe here.

3. The Puppet
Price: $149
In just two weeks, a tailor in Bali will create a stuffed puppet replica of your kid’s doodles. With $5 going toward underprivileged kids, you can order here.

Tell me, friends – what are some creative ways you’ve tackled the paper clutter in your home? And would you ever splurge for a pricey keepsake like any of the above? I’d love to hear!

Image Credit: Child’s Own Studio

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