3 Things This Mom Will Multi-Task (And 4 I Won’t)

Multi-tasking has gotten a bad reputation. According to the media, we’re a checked-out bunch, replacing quality experiences by bouncing all over the place, trying to get too much done at once.

I don’t disagree, but as a mom, some multitasking is necessary to my sanity and allows me to get more done in an efficient way.

To me, the key is setting limits – defining those important things that you absolutely won’t multi-task – and also, using your multi-tasking time well.

Here’s a list of three things I multi-task every single day…and four I almost never do:

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  • What I Multitask and What I Won’t 1 of 8
    What I Multitask and What I Won't
  • NO: While Playing With My Kids 2 of 8
    NO: While Playing With My Kids
    Yes, board games do get boring sometimes, but checking my phone doesn't help and just gives my child a very clear message: I'm Not Into This. I try to resist the temptation by putting my phone in another room.
  • YES: While Washing Dishes 3 of 8
    YES: While Washing Dishes
    I'm not above taking pleasure in a particularly shiny dish, but I don't find washing the dishes quite as fun as THIS lady. That's why I use dish-washing as an opportunity for brain-building by listening to smart podcasts on business, food, culture and more.
  • YES: At The Playground 4 of 8
    YES: At The Playground
    Yes, I am the mom who texts while my kid is playing happily on the slide, and I don't feel bad about it one bit. Kids don't need their moms to entertain them every single second - that's what the playground is for! - and Facebook makes a long trip to the park that much more tolerable.
  • NO: At The Dinner Table. 5 of 8
    NO: At The Dinner Table.
    We have a strict "no-phones-at-the-table" rule, we don't answer the door, and we don't read or watch TV: it's all about spending time together as a family. I did break the "no multi-tasking at dinner" rule briefly to take this picture, though.
  • NO: During Sex. 6 of 8
    NO: During Sex.
    A recent survey reported that 12% of moms use their phones while having sex. What the huh? I can't even begin to wrap my brain around how that works, so rest assured that if you ever call or text me and I respond, I will not be - ahem - otherwise engaged at the time.

    photo by Linda Sanchez 

  • YES: While Exercising 7 of 8
    YES: While Exercising
    I find exercise boring. REALLY boring. And no amount of Zumba is going to change that. Thank goodness for my Spotify playlist of raunchy hip-hop and the fact that the machines at my gym show The Food Network.
  • NO: At Bedtime. 8 of 8
    NO: At Bedtime.
    Look, I'm a mom. My sleep is precious. I don't share it with a cell phone, work email, or even a cuddly cheetah. I keep my computer in another room and stop checking email after I get in bed. The closest I'll come to "multi-tasking" bedtime is reading and snuggling with kids and spouse.

    photo: VintageGal


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