3 Ways To Be A Less Stressed Parent in 2014

If 2013 taught me anything about my parenting, it’s this: I worry too much.

I worry about saving for retirement, money for college funds, GMO’s, HMO’s, allergens, BPA’s, plastic bags, immunizations, weather, earthquakes, terror threats…basically, you name it, I worry. It’s what my mom did, and what my grandmother did before me. I’m a parent, it’s what we do right? I look at my carefree, happy child and think… hey, I don’t want to worry so much anymore. I want to enjoy parenthood more this year. So, I’m changing the game with these 3 ways to be a less stressed parent in 2014.


Be open to try new things

Most people say this and think… ohh yea, I’ll try steak served medium instead of medium well. Well, this isn’t quite the same. I will be open to try different items to see if it works for me and my family. I remember when my daughter had colic in the early days, and I was terrified to try any suggestions when really, looking back, I probably could have tried different solutions to see if they worked for us. I probably would have not have been such a panicky mess and enjoyed her infancy a bit more. So, Sofia… my girl, if you want to learn how to surf, I won’t research how many shark sightings have been reported recently (cause..eek!). Instead, I’ll buy that wet suit and say, let’s give it a try. Maybe you’ll be the first 6 yr old Olympic surf queen.

Speaking of research, let’s tone it down a notch

I find that the more I read, the more terrified I become of, oh, THE WORLD. I’m not going to stop reading, but I’m not going to let it consume my parenting style or our family’s life. Being informed is one thing…being paranoid is another. So yes, Sofia, you don’t have to wear a mask everywhere you go (anymore).  Medical magazines, journals and World Weekly News… I’m hiding you on Facebook. If there’s a SARS outbreak or something, I’m sure someone will notify me before it takes over my life. Well, hopefully anyway.

Stay away from Pinterest

Oh you amazing DIY moms who can create a magical princess birthday parties with picture perfect lighting, with happy, smiling children that bask in perfect lighting in front of perfectly pedicured backgrounds all in a matter of a day. You suck. Well maybe not you, but your boards and bokeh filled photos drove me mad. No longer will I pin and plan to do it all also. I’ll pin cause it’s pretty but I will feel zero guilt or angst handing over my hard earned cash to someone who can create/sell that party/gift/craft/whatever. Yes, Sofia, your costume IS from the Disney Store and no I will never make you a minion costume out of a trash can.

In the world of parenting, there will always be something different or new to take us to a new level of worry or just overall freaking out. Some are actually worth worrying over but most aren’t. Most, like the three noted above, can take a back seat and you can relax just a little bit more. Remember, parenting may be full of things to worry about, but it’s also full of things to just sit back and enjoy in the moment.


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Article Posted 2 years Ago
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