30 iPhone Tips You Will Love

iPhone tricks & tips

Got iPhone? That wonderful little computer-camera-MP3 player-texter-calendar-and oh yeah PHONE? They sure do make our lives easier and more fun, don’t they? Chances are, that wonderful little device has some functions you don’t know about.

Here are 30 iPhone tips and tricks you probably didn’t know about:

  1. Capitalize Letters Easily
    We don’t need no stinking caps lock key. Just tap and hold the “shift” key then slide your finger over to the letter you want to type. Voila! Capital!
  2. Remove Mistyped Numbers from the Calculator
    Accidentally hit the wrong number? Just swipe left OR right up by the digits. Deleted!
  3. Use Your Volume Button to Click Camera Shutter
    While in camera mode, your earbud volume button will trip the shutter so you can take a photo.
  4. Sync Any Bluetooth Keyboard with Your iPhone
  5. Scroll to the Top of Any Page
    By tapping the top bar. Easy-peasy.
  6. Instant Period and Capital
    At the end of a sentence, tap the space bar twice. You’ll get a period and a capital letter to start your next sentence.
  7. Control Your Tunes
    With your earbuds, click volume once to pause the song, click it twice to skip to the next song, or three times to replay what you’re listening to.
  8. Quick Toggle Between Alpha and Numeric Keyboards
    Just click on “123″ button and slide up to the key you want. After you let go, the screen will revert to alpha keyboard.
  9. Get Rid of Unwanted Banner Notifications
    Swipe right to left, and it’ll be gone.
  10. Turn off Music with Timer
    Clock >Timer > When Timer Ends > Stop Playing (you have to scroll to the bottom).
  11. Use a Safer Alphanumeric Passcode
    Settings > General > Passcode Lock. Then turn off  “Simple Passcode” and select a new alphanumeric passcode.
  12. Format Email Content
    Highlight the text, and tap on the arrow at the far right. Select “bold,” “italic,” or “underline.”
  13. Define a Word in Email
    Highlight the text, and tap on the arrow at the far right. Select “define.”
  14. Send Multiple Photos in Emails or Messages
    When in the camera roll, click on the little “share” rectangular icon. You can select multiple images before hitting “send.”
  15. Charge Faster
    Put your phone in airplane mode!

    How to charge your Iphone Faster

  16. Restore Grid Lines in the Camera App
    Settings > Photos & Camera > Turn on Grid.
  17. Shoot Photos in Rapid Succession
    Hold down the capture button. DONE!
  18. Open Music App from Control Center
    Just tap on the song or podcast’s title.
  19. Force Quit an App
    Double click Home button, flick up the app’s preview card.
  20. Return to Previous View
    Swipe right from the left edge of your iPhone’s screen.
  21. Quick Spotlight Search
     Just swipe down from any homepage.
  22. Display Full Names in Messages
    Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Short Name. Turn off Short Name.
  23. Display Time Stamps on Messages
    Swipe left on the message and the time will show up.
  24. Delete Messages
    Tap and hold message you want to delete. Tap more, then select the circles to the left of the messages you want to delete. Hit trashcan at the bottom of the screen.
  25. Customize Your Today View
    Not interested in what the stocks are? Or the weather? You can change that! Settings > Tap Notification Center. Select your desired options.
  26. Block Phone Numbers
    Tap “info” icon next to the number you want to block in either Contacts or Recents. Scroll down and block. Yay!
  27. Limit How Ad Companies Can Track Your Browsing
    Settings > Privacy > Advertising. Turn on “Limit Ad Tracking.”
  28. Close All Tabs in Safari
    You can have an unlimited number of tabs open in Safari, and sometimes you need to shut them ALL down and start OVER. Tap the Tabs icon, Tap “Private” in the lower left corner, and then tap “Close All.”
  29. Answer a Phone Call with a Message
    Tap the “Reply With Message” when you can’t take an incoming call, and you can reply with a text message. GENIUS!
  30. Save a Website You Want to Read Later by Adding to Your Reading List
    Tap the menu button on the bottom of screen, tap “Add to Reading List.” You can find it later in Safari by going to Bookmarks > Reading List.

What’s your favorite iPhone trick? Share with us in the comments!

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