4 Ways to Boost Your Brainpower

wheat big sky brainpower

Yesterday I couldn’t find my coffee cup (THE HORROR!). Last week? Forgot I was supposed to drive for carpool. And then there was that conference call (time zone shmine zone).

Unless you’re superhuman, you’ve had moments where that grey matter in between your ears has let you down.

You walk into a room and forget what you were going in there for. You’re searching for a word and nada. You can’t seem to figure out how to tackle this next big freelance gig. You get to your destination and realize the needed paperwork is still next to your computer. Where are my keys? What was your old neighbor’s name? What’s the Pythagorean theorem again?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. It’s frustrating, annoying…and sometimes even embarrassing. *ahem*

So what’s a person to do? Sure there are the old important fundamentals: eat well, get enough rest, exercise regularly, and try to avoid stress. Heh.

I’m going to share a little secret with you. I use visualization techniques to help me remember stuff and be my most productive. Am I now President of Mensa? Well, no (maybe someday). But I like to do what I can to keep that big ol’ brain in my noggin as sharp as possible (even if I’m not always eating well, getting enough rest, exercising regularly, and avoiding stress).

So without further ado…Alli’s Four Favorite Visual Ads to Boost Brainpower!

Draw it, baby. Yup. I like to draw/sketch/doodle things I need to remember, goals I have, issues I need to address. Not only does this create brain pathways InsertFancyNeuroscienceBiologicalScientificTalkHere, but since I rarely seem to put pen to paper these days (just fingertips to keyboard), it’s outside the norm and thus helps trigger my memory.

Create Work Flow Charts. I was resistant at first to this one…sounded like an extra, unnecessary step. Why bother? But call them what you want, Task Flow Maps or Process Flows or Work Flow Charts, you’ll be surprised at how mapping out each step in a task- including unexpected scenarios- can really help keep you on point and boost creativity.

Sounds like? Have a hard time remembering names? Next time you meet someone, rhyme their name with something tangible and visualize that item with the person. A new coworker named Frank? Picture him in a bank. Sounds simplistic, but it works. Promise. You just have to make sure you SEE it for a couple of seconds, and you’ll be good to go. You can use this technique for more than just people’s names. I have a friend who got through medical school pharmacology classes by memorizing the names of drugs and their functions by visually association. If it worked for her, it can work for you.

Color me embarrassed.  Are you forever losing a particular item (Smartphone? Car keys? Coffee cup?) and it drives you bonkers? Next time you set it down, mentally say very clearly to yourself the name of the surface color on which you place it while you are looking at it. “Red.” “Brown.” “Mottled grey.”  That’s it…just take that split second to say the color while you are looking at the surface. Crazy easy, and super effective.

There you go! Now you know my top secrets for boosting brainpower. See you at the Mensa meeting!


Article Posted 3 years Ago
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