5 Male Birth Control Methods of the Future


Has the day finally come when men will be the ones to take the birth control pill and women can kick back and relax? Well, we might not be there quite yet, but solutions are on the horizon. These 5 Male Birth Control Methods of the Future range from ultrasounds to Clean Sheet Pills. That’s right, ultrasounds could be the golden ticket. Who would have thought?

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  • Ultrasounds 2 of 6

    Ultrasounds can dramatically lower a man's sperm count and the procedure is quick and painless. The catch is that although it could be reversible it could also very well be permanent.
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  • Contraceptive Gel 3 of 6

    Apply this contraceptive gel for only about an 85% success rate. It suppresses takes the place of natural testosterone, but is completely reversible once you stop using the gel.
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  • Gamendazole 4 of 6

    This pill is still in the works, but could possibly slow down the speed of sperm making it a successful form of birth control. When tested on rats, this form was 100 percent effective.
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  • RISUG 5 of 6

    Short for Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance, this procedure negates the negative charge within the sperm's membrane. Good news, it's totally reversible and only about $20.
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  • Clean Sheets Pill 6 of 6

    This little pill would suppress ejaculation, but wait! The feeling of an orgasm would still be present, and the pill is only taken as needed. It becomes effective in about 3 - 4 hours.
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