5 Multitasking Miracle Meals From a Rotisserie Chicken


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I am busy. Chances are you are busy too. I try real hard in my home to gather everyone around the table at night to eat, preferably a meal I cooked, but I’m not perfect. Sometimes frozen pizzas are deployed or jars of spaghetti sauce are called to duty. One of the greatest things I can do for myself is double up certain recipes (bonus if they’re easy) and freeze a meal or two for another day. Since my family is small (just the four of us!), often times dinners that serve 8-10 are just too much for us to finish off, so into the freezer half of it goes to save me another day.

One of the greatest multitasking ingredients I know of is rotisserie chicken, cooked to juicy perfection and nearly limitless when it comes to mealtime possibilities. Add in a few pantry or crisper drawer staples and you can have dinner in under 20 minutes. Here are a few of my  favorite recipes to use chicken in; they freeze great, double easily and everyone in my family will happily eat them.

  • Behold the Multitasking Chicken 1 of 6
    Rotisserie Chicken

    Look at all of that endless possibility up there. Not in the mood to go beyond a few simple ingredients? Slice up that chicken and serve it with some salad and fresh bread. That's what I call a winner winner (chicken for dinner!)

    Photo courtesy of Foragers City Grocer, shortening the distance between farm and fork, visit: foragerscitygrocer.com for more information (and for more gorgeous photography.)

  • Chicken Spaghetti 2 of 6
    chicken spaghetti

    I made chicken spaghetti for the first time last year and as soon as my husband took a bite all of his childhood wishes and dreams came rushing back to him. This is comfort food at its finest — even better? It freezes amazingly well, so go ahead and double it!

    Want an easy and tasty chicken spaghetti recipe? Check out this recipe here.

    Photo Credit: Feeding This Family

  • Chicken Enchiladas 3 of 6
    Chicken Enchiladas

    I grew up in a world where enchiladas only came with red sauce, my husband grew up in a world where enchiladas only came with white sauce. My kids are growing up in a world where they have both kinds of enchiladas — but they prefer chicken ones with white sauce.

    This is a recipe that freezes really well, I usually make two 8x8 pans instead of one 9x13 and freeze half for another dinner later on. It's also really easy to double if you need to bring a meal to a neighbor (or freeze a meal for your own sanity). 

    Get the full recipe here on Becky's Recipes.

    Photo Credit

  • Chicken Pot Pie 4 of 6
    chicken pot pie

    Chicken pot pie — when done right — can be a transcendent experience. There should never be peas, there should always be carrots, and you have to have a crust on the top and the bottom (it's a rule, look it up). 

    Looking for a mighty tasty chicken pot pie recipe? Check out this one from Katie.

    Photo Credit: Live Craft Eat

  • Chicken Fajita Soup(ish) 5 of 6
    chicken fajita soupish

    I saw this recipe on a friend's Instagram feed yesterday and made it for dinner tonight. It was amazing. She came up with it after taking into account all the things her family will eat and what they like. My family loved it too.

    Her Instructions: To a crock pot add: 2 cans of black beans (with juices) One can of corn. Two heaping tablespoons salsa. One packet fajita seasoning. 1/2 cup cilantro. Pull half the meat off a rotisserie chicken, shred it and add it to the crock pot. Cook on low for about 6 hours. Serve with a little rice. Top with cheese and cilantro.

    It really was that easy. I doubled it (since I already had the chicken started) and added the ingredients to a freezer bag. Two meals, same effort. YES PLEASE.

    Image Credit: Danielle Randall

  • Chicken Salad 6 of 6
    chicken salad

    Chicken salad is one of my comfort foods. It can be eaten on bread, by itself, on a salad or where it's supposed to be, a croissant. It can have grapes, nuts, curry, vegetables and range anywhere from light and healthy to heavy and artery clogging. Finding and perfecting your own chicken salad recipe will make you a sort of legend within your family. Even better? Chicken salad for dinner means chicken salad leftovers for lunch.

    For a classic (but light!) chicken salad recipe, check out this recipe on Skinnyluscious.

    Photo Credit: Dori Grasska


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