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5 Reasons I'm Excited To Be A "Grown Up" - and 5 Things I'll Miss About Being A Child

On my 18th birthday, the day that I was officially declared an adult, I suddenly knew how Peter Pan felt. I didn’t want to grow up; I wanted to stay a child. I wanted to suddenly press “rewind” and go back to when I was still a little girl, more worried about how I would pay for another Polly Pocket than getting into college. Don’t get me wrong — I  was happy that I was a full-fledged adult, but I was also a little sad that my childhood was officially over. Well, actually, according to my grandmother, my childhood, “was over a long time ago.” Whatever what means. Here are 5 reasons I’m happy I’m now a grown up, as well as 5 things I’ll miss about being a child.      

  • Freedom To Do Whatever I Want 1 of 10

    I'm excited to do whatever I want (as long as it's not against the law, of course) without having to ask my parents first. Spur of the moment road trip? Yes! (Well, I'll have to get my license first, but still, theoretically, it's possible).  Stay out all night? Yes! (Not that I really want to, because I either have school or work the next day, but again, theoretically, it's possible). Go to Melbourne tomorrow, just my friend and I, no parental supervision whatsoever? Yes! (I actually am doing this one tomorrow. So excited— we're seeing One Direction!). 

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  • Finishing School 2 of 10

    Oh my gosh, I cannot wait to finish school. Six and a half weeks until I graduate, and counting.  I've loved school, and I've hated school, and I wouldn't trade my time at school for most things, but I am so glad that I'm an adult and I'm going to be getting out of there. I wouldn't turn back the clock and be a child again if I had to do school again — it's just time to move on. Becoming a grown-up is just one more awesome reminder that in six and a half weeks I will no longer have to wear a uniform that resembles something out of Madeleine.

    Or spend most of my school holidays attempting to write (emphasis on attempting) a 3,000 word essay on the impact of Freud's theory of id, ego and super-ego and Derrida's theory of phallogocentrism, within the novel The Age of Innocence,  because I was apparently stupid enough  contract for school saying that I would be "happy to write the whole thing during the only two weeks of freedom I get before school dictates my life again, because if not I may as well kiss my chances of having a good future good-bye" (quote may or may not be paraphrased).

    No, of course I'm not bitter, and no, of course I'm not mentally slapping myself for wanting to be in this subject. Let's just say I'm really glad to be finishing school soon. 

  • A Little Financial Responsibility 3 of 10

    As a child, I faced very little financial responsibility. I had few expenses, and what expenses I had were for my own fun: books, DVDs, music, etc. Bills are one of the things I am least looking forward to facing. Right now, the only bills I have to face come in the form of my mother — I just need to pay her for my phone bill, and my credit card bill every other week.


    I'm not looking forward to having to pay real actual bills, for things like electricity and water. I also had more money when I was a child, because my parents paid for some stuff. I just had a taste of real financial responsibility with my Melbourne trip — I have to pay for flights, accommodation, tickets, food and spending money all on my own, and as I learned, it's not cheap. 

  • People Treating Me Like A Child 4 of 10
    pb and j 2

    You know when you're at a buffet, and you're looking at the children's table, and they have macaroni and cheese, PB&J, pizza, fries, etc and like at the adult's table there's all these vegetables and all this fancy food which doesn't really look edible, and just for a minute you wish that you were under twelve so you could go eat off the children's table without being judged by the other adults?(No? Maybe it's just me, then. I have the dietary preferences of an eight-year-old).


    Anyway, my point is, sometimes you just don't want to act your age. Sometimes, you just want to do something immature, and get away with it, without someone saying "seriously, act your age". Sometimes, you just want to stay in your pajamas all day, eating cereal from the box and watching cartoons, without someone telling you to put real clothes on, and brush your hair, and for goodness' sake, eat from a bowl. That stuff is expected from children, they can get away with it, because they don't know any better. I think becoming an adult is kind of a catch-22: on one hand, you get the freedom you always craved when you were a child, but, along with that, comes the expectation that you'll act with mature, most of the time. I think that sometimes, I'll miss being able to get away with stuff because "I just didn't know any better". 

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  • Childhood Friendships 5 of 10
    c and me

    As a child, your friends are basically chosen for you. They're the people that come up to you on the monkey bars at recess, and you bond over your love of the Powerpuff Girls. They're the people that your parents make you play dates with. They're the people that you sit next to in class and "share" math homework, and bond over your love of colorful stationery.  As an adult, though, those easily made friendships are gone- you have to put in the effort, engage in small talk. There's no parent to make the friends for you. 

  • Dreaming Without Having To Put In The Effort 6 of 10

    This one is a little strange, but you know how when you're a child, you spend a lot of your time dreaming about what your life as an adult will be like? Like, how you'll live in a house with  blue shutters and a white picket fence, be a famous actress, or Belle in the Disneyland Parade (because, duh), and have your own plane? Well the adult time is here — and, you actually have to work at your goals.  


    For some reason that I don't know, you can't just click your fingers and your 'perfect' future will be there, all wrapped up in a pretty bow. The 'dreaming' now has to be combined with 'doing', and I think I'll miss just being able to expect things to all work out without putting work in. 

    Photo Courtesy of Eqdoktor/Wikipedia

  • Being Able To Go To Gold Class Movies Without An Adult 7 of 10

    Gold class is the holy grail of a cinematic experience; you get comfortable reclining arm chairs, instead of chewing gum infested, popcorn littered, itchy seats. You get waited on by your own personal servers, and you're exempt from watching the people in front of you make out the whole time, because there's only, like, 20 seats in a theater, and they're far away so that you can't really see each other.

    The tickets also cost about four times more than a normal movie ticket , and you can't go if you're under 18 without an adult accompaniment because they offer alcohol (I think the true reason is because they're trying to avoid the whole teenagers-making-out-thing and trying to keep the place classy, but, sure, let's go with the "alcohol" excuse).  I've only ever been twice, and both times with my mother, but now that I'm 18, I can possibly go more often (if I win the lottery, that is) and with friends. 

    Photo Courtesy of [scottchan/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net]

  • $2 Per Hour Pay Rise 8 of 10

    I am actually super excited about this one. For my retail job, I get a $2-per-hour pay rise! That means for a seven hour shift I'm making an extra $14 — that's basically the cost of a movie ticket! (I'm actually not being sarcastic; I can make an extra $14 go a long way). This is probably one of the things I am most excited about turning another year older.

    Photo Courtesy of [kraifreedom/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net]

  • Adventure 9 of 10

    The unknown is scary, but it's also a little thrilling, in an adventure type of way.   I'm a little excited to find out what will happen in the rest of my life. Even in the past year, so much has changed- I have three more best friends, my Dad turned out to be gay, I started my job in retail, and I started my job here (one thing that hasn't changed- I still don't have a boyfriend, but whatever, let's not let bitterness ruin this post). It's been an amazing year, and I'm kind of excited to find out where I'll be, and what I'll be doing, and what has changed this time next year. It's a little scary, but it's also a thrilling adventure. 

    Photo Courtesy of [artur84/FreeDigitalPhotos.net]

  • Booking Your Own Hotel 10 of 10

    I am really excited to go to our hotel, because it is the first booking I've ever made solely under my name, with my credit card. That's one of the perks of becoming an adult, in my opinion; getting to book your own hotel room, and feeling like a "grown-up" as you do so. 

    Photo Courtesy of [foto76/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net]

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