5 Reasons Why I know Disney's New Fantasyland is REALLY Enchanted

New FantasyLand Grand Opening- December 6, 2012
Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

New Fantasyland consists of the Enchanted Forrest and the Storybook Circus area. And contains new and “re-imagined” attractions such as the always popular Dumbo ride. It brings your favorite Disney Stories and magical places to life, literally. And, here are 5 reasons why I left Disney totally convinced the New Fantasyland is really enchanted:

#1. Because there is a fire breathing dragon flying over New Fantasyland.  I kid you not . . . if you look into the sky, at night, you will see an actual dragon flying around New FantasyLand. It’s hands down one of the most amazing things that I’ve seen in a long time. (And I’m not just saying this because of my love for the Game of Thrones series…lol) I literally stood looking up at the dragon with my mouth wide open for 5 minutes. I don’t know how Disney pulled it off ….and I really don’t care to know because it would ruin the magical moment.

Dragon that flies around Disney’s New Fantasyland at night.
Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

#2.  Because I walked through an enchanted mirror. No Joke!!  One moment, I was standing in front of a mirror in Maurice’s Cottage in the Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction…And, Pow Bang…it turned into a doorway that led us to the Beast’s library. And that magical portal was just the beginning. In that library, the kids and I were able to participate in an interactive storytelling experience. We were able to play different characters from the Beauty and the Beast story, along side princess Belle, in the flesh. Awesome!!!

Mirror that turns into a magical portal – Enchanted Tales with Belle at Disney’s New Fantasyland.
Photo Credit: Walt Disney World
The kids and I played characters from the Beauty and Beast Story at the Enchanted Tales with Belle Attraction at Disney’s New Fantasyland.
Photo Credit: Lamar Tyler

#3.  Because Disney has literally doubled the fun.  Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Ronnie…how in the world could they possibly do that?” Well, New Fantasyland is the largest expansion in Magic Kingdom’s history, doubling the size of the original Fantasyland. And with this expansion, Disney has done everything in their power to give the guests the ultimate experience while you’re there. For instance, we all know that the lines could get long for Dumbo as it is such a popular attraction. Well, in the Storybook Circus area, they’ve added a second Flying Dumbo ride attraction. But wait, it gets better….because while you are waiting in line for Dumbo, the kids can play in an air conditioned circus tent that has a play area!! In addition to that, they’ve added the Casey Jr. Splash n’ Soak Station which is a water play area that will  allow the parents to take a break while the kids cool off and play.

Dumbo Ride at Storybook Circus area of New Fantasyland.
Photo Credit: Lamar Tyler

#4. Because the imagineers must be wizards.  Disney’s imagineers have really outdone themselves with this one, because there is no way that mere mortals can come up with such creative experiences. (Ok..ok… so I watch too much Lord of the Rings.) But seriously, New Fantasyland has a flying dragon, a magical mirror…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With this multi-year expansion, they will be adding more magical experiences. While there, we were given a sneak peak video of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It’s a roller coaster that promises to take guests on a “rollicking musical ride into the mine where a million diamonds shine.”

#5. Because I could feel the magic in my heart.  There is nothing (and I mean nothing) more special than seeing your child so happy and filled with joy. My kids were literally on cloud nine…and so was I. I couldn’t even ride any of the rides (doctor’s orders.) But that didn’t matter. I enjoyed myself just watching my kids being so happy.

During the grand opening celebration, Tom Saggs —  Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman, stated:

“Walt Disney once promised that Disneyland, and by extension all of our parks, would never be complete as long as there is imagination left in the world,” Staggs said. “New Fantasyland is a spectacular addition to the Magic Kingdom that delivers on Walt’s promise. We’re thrilled to take guests beyond the walls of Cinderella Castle to discover new worlds featuring iconic Disney characters and stories in ways that are more imaginative, more interactive, and more immersive than ever before.”

Don’t take my word for it. Make plans to visit New Fantasyland so that you can experience the magic for yourself. And 2013 promises to be a momentous year for Disney parks. They will be having 52 weeks of magical experiences that will appear and then disappear each week. Plus…you have to see that flying dragon for yourself!!!

For a sneak peak at some of the must see attractions  inside of New Fantasyland, check out this video:

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