5 Things a Day for 5 Days (Day 1 aka Check Out My Undies)


My most often used excuses for cleaning out my closet? I don’t have enough time, or it will make too big of a mess…..and that’s usually the case. Instead of embarking on a huge project that could take hours or even days, I’ve been implementing a “5 things” a day rule. Guess what? It’s working. It’s super manageable to carve out 5 minutes from my day to come up with 5 things to purge from some area in my house. Want to do it with me this week? This week I’m tackling the closet.

Here’s day 1:

5 Things a Day for 5 Days (Day 1 Check out my Undies) via

You know you have those “last resort” underwear and socks lingering.  All you have to do is get rid of five of them today.  If you are feeling inspired, get rid of a few more……five is just the minimum.  You’ll feel so much better…..yep, that’s a photo of my drawer….for all the world to see:

Organizing the underwear drawer (5 things for 5 days) photo via

I’ve got my new Levi’s jean leggings on today (my trusty decision tree told me what to wear)… would be irresponsible to be wearing less than amazing underwear on underneath.

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5 Things a Day for 5 Days via Hey Look At Me

Disclaimer: A big thanks to Levi’s for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.


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