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5 Things We Wish People Would Stop Saying About Kids

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As the parents of four we’ve heard pretty much anything and everything that people say about their kids and yours. In order to be of service to you, our faithful readers, we’ve compiled a list of 5 things we wish people would stop saying about kids. The comments could be about their own kids or other kids that they have a burning desire to comment on. We’re in no way perfect and as soon as the people who make these comments realize the same thing we’ll be in good shape.

So without further delay here is our list:

1) By that age my child was already _____

That blank may be filled with reading, writing, playing Beethoven  or whatever else they think of. Don’t you hate it when someone tries to compare their child’s development to yours? Especially when you know that they are probably lying.

2) I would never let my child do that, or ______ would never happen at my house!

The real irony with this statement is that it normally comes from people who don’t have any kids. Since that is the case, they actually have no real perspective on what they would or would not let their child do.  So stop judging everyone else.

3) That child is a handful…

The problem with this is that it normally comes from people with bad a#% kids. No sir/ma’am, your child is a handful and that is why no one ever lets them come over to play and they don’t have any friends.

4) We limit our child to ____ amount of TV per day and we only feed them ___ types of food…

This is the perfect parent who has an amazing handle on the amount of screen time that their kids have per device (TV, Video Games, Computer) and are happy to share that with you. They developed an amazing diet for their children and are happy to let you know that you’re doing it all wrong. In the meantime when you do meet these highly sought after dream kids, they are acting totally cuckoo.

5) My child is so smart…

OK, here is the deal. If your kid is smart and you can validate this statement with report cards or other types of outward achievement, I guess I’m cool with that. My problem lays with the fact that everyone says this.  And let’s just keep it real…every kid can’t be smart. Someone has to have a kid that is average or worse. Don’t blame the messenger, you know it’s true.

The bottom line with all of these statements is that as parents we are all living the struggle and, if you are not, you either don’t have kids or haven’t had enough of them. None of us are perfect despite what you may think or feel. And many times we are just trying to be Good Enough. Good enough moms and good enough dads so that our kids don’t hate us when they get older and can see that the decisions that we made were because we loved them. All parents regardless of age, race, class or gender want for their children to do better than they did and that’s the bottom line. So let’s stop judging and comparing and instead start helping and supporting.

BTW, what did we miss? What do you wish people would stop saying about their kids or yours?


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