5 Tips and Kids Craft Ideas from the Craftiest Summer Ever


I have no problem embracing my non-craftiness. I have been blessed with many talents…but crafting is not one of them.  But just because I’m craft-challenged, doesn’t mean that my kids have to suffer.  So when my kids told me they wanted to do crafts this summer, I set out to make this the Craftiest Summer Ever!

Ok, well first I tried to ignore them…but after they kept coming back…I decided to make it the Craftiest Summer Ever!

Below you will find a few tips that I learned this summer and a few kid’s craft ideas. I am hoping that this post will inspire “non-crafty” moms like me to start crafting with their kids…because the kids love it.  Also, after you crafty moms finish snickering at my projects, give us “non-crafty” moms a few tips in the comments.

  • You can get great craft ideas from Pinterest 1 of 9
    Crafts on Pinterest

    When I first decided to make this The Craftiest Summer Ever, I asked my friends on Facebook for craft ideas.  Many of them told me to start with Pinterest.  And they were right, there are so many great craft boards and pins on Pinterest.  Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler

  • Coupons are a must! 2 of 9

    I never walk into Michaels or JoAnn's without a coupon handy.  I usually save 40% or more with my coupons. You can get the coupons from the internet and use them directly from your phone. Photo Credit: photo of coupons from

  • Stock up on essentials. 3 of 9

    Make sure you have glue, scissors, paint, paint brushes, construction paper or any type of colored paper, markers, glitter, etc. These are the basics that should be in the home at all times.   You can always make a craft or a project from these essentials.  One of my friends told me I needed a glue gun at home.  But that blew my mind.   I told her I wasn't not ready for that Photo Credit: dhester

  • Kits are going to be your best friend. 4 of 9

    Craft kits have all of the supplies and the instructions included.  And as a non-crafty mom, all you have to do is provide minimal help with the instructions…..and you will be the HERO when the craft project is over!  Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler

  • Don’t go crazy in the craft store. Take it slow. 5 of 9

    There are a couple of things that can happen to you in the craft store: 1. you could hyperventilate and have an anxiety attack...because there is so much to choose from.  And, all of those crafty moms are zipping around with lists and moving with an urgency and purpose.  Whatever......  keep your head up and know that your craft is going to be just as good as their's. Well......maybe not...but your kids will think it's great.  Or, 2. You could get caught up and spend a whole bunch of money. That's what happened to me the last time I went to the craft store. In my attempt to make this The Craftiest Summer Ever, I spent way too much money.  And we still have craft projects that we haven't started.

    Now that we are done with the basics, check out these neat crafts the kids and I made this summer....

    Photo Credit: Birgit Reitz-Hofmann

  • We made masks 6 of 9
    Mask Making

    Mask making was loads of  fun. I purchased this kit from JoAnns.  It was on sale and I had a coupon!  Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler

  • We painted wooden shapes. 7 of 9
    Wood Shapes

    Many of these wooden shapes are less that $1. So, I stocked up on them.  And if my kids even think of uttering the words: "I'm bored," I'll whip out some of those shapes and some paints and their problem will be instantly solved! Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler

  • Sewing kept them busy. 8 of 9

    A sewing kit is a perfect activity for road trips or quiet time.  The kids were really concentrating on their sewing.  Our 5 year old did not finish this...but I plan on whipping it out on our next road trip. If she gets restless in the you go..finish this.  Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler

  • Cheap Kits came in handy 9 of 9

    These cheap kits came in handy.  They were less than $5 and the kids like to do them.  

    As you can see, I relied heavily on kits this summer.  But now I feel empowered to take it to the next level of crafting (i.e tackling one of those craft projects I saw on Pinterest.)  

    It's true that my crafting skills are not so great. But spending this time with my kids was one of the greatest things that I could do as mother.  Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler