5 Tips for Taking Great Kid Photos


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Alright tired and overworked parents, I’m here to convince you that photographing your kids is fun and simple as well as IMPORTANT. Let’s re-think the reason you take that camera out. It’s not for a quick Facebook or Instagram update (although I’m not poo-pooing that) … it’s for your family. Documenting moments in time is a key component of our humanity. If we don’t record these moments, no-one else will. Documenting what’s happening NOW means recording a unique and important part of your child’s journey on this earth. It’s important for them, for their kids, for their grand-kids and for generations beyond that. You see? This is a great big wonderful task. Here’s how to get clicking!

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You can see an example of a recently published day out with my two year old HERE. All the images in this article are MINE, and your momma taught you that stealing is BAD (but pinning is good).

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