5 ways to get your kids more involved in whats for dinner…


  • 1. Get your kids involved in meal planning and shopping 1 of 5
    1. Get your kids involved in meal planning and shopping
    Start a conversation: "This is kale. It grows in the ground. Look at the color and texture…" Your kids are more likely to be interested in meals if they have an understanding of where their food comes from and how it grows. A trip to the local farmer's market will educate them about what's in season. And farmers are more than happy to talk about their produce and their work so make friends and encourage kids to ask questions.
  • 2. Prepare meals together 2 of 5
    2. Prepare meals together
    Tell your kids you need their help and give them an activity. Washing vegetables, cleaning off leaves, or any safe and simple task will give your kids a feeling of accomplishment. So often kids' meals just appear on the dish in front of them. Getting them involved is a way to educate and inspire them about food. It also gives them a sense of satisfaction…like, "Hey, I helped make that!"
  • 3. Lead by example 3 of 5
    3. Lead by example
    If you try it, they'll try it. Show your kids you're enthusiastic about food and they'll follow. Introduce new flavors gradually. Try something like artichokes or beets, which can easily be incorporated as side dishes paired with things they're already familiar with. Both are also great conversation starters. Point out the rich color of beets and help pluck artichoke leaves together. The more foods you expose your kids to, the more likely they'll discover things they like and be more open to trying new things in the future.
  • 4. Have a playdate 4 of 5
    4. Have a playdate
    Have your kids invite their friends over to make a simple dish with fresh ingredients—a pizza with homemade toppings and all the fixin's; a smoothie; or a baked treat are all good options. Assign everyone a task and let them at it! You can supervise as they go. It's a fun way to encourage teamwork and get everyone excited about eating something they helped create.
  • 5. Inspire, Educate, and Empower kids to learn good eating habits 5 of 5
    5. Inspire, Educate, and Empower kids to learn good eating habits
    We all need to eat, right?! But food should be more than just sustenance—it should be enjoyable, and the earlier you get kids involved in family meals the better their attitude will be toward food. Make eating fun!

Here’s an easy recipe for a kale smoothie. Get your kids to tear the kale leaves, prep and peel the fruit—they can even choose a favorite fruit to add, something juicy works best—pour the liquid, and turn on the blender and buzz it up! There really is something to making your own food and getting kids excited about pitching in. Happy eating!

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