5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy Lorax-Style


If your family is anything like mine, Dr. Seuss has been a cornerstone for years.

We’ve been reading about cats with hats and red and blue fish.

There have been places to go and stolen holidays.

Most recently, my family has been obsessed with “the Lorax”.

Maybe it’s the fact that my 14yo saw that Taylor Swift was doing the voice of Audrey, the tree-loving character in the movie.

Maybe it was the way my brain melted and fell out when my 14yo saw Taylor Swift.

Who knows!

As a fan of the many ways Seuss engages kids, it’s fun to see that even this tech-generation is STILL loving Dr. Seuss and his Lorax.

FIVE WAYS TO BE A DR. SEUSS FAN (and the links so you can enjoy these!)

  • Truffula Shuffula 1 of 5
    Truffula Shuffula
    An iTunes app that will have you....I mean them...THEM occupied.
    Download for free at iTunes
  • Read Across America 2 of 5
    Read Across America
    Because we can always encourage more reading!
    Find out more here!
  • The Lorax Stache 3 of 5
    The Lorax Stache
    This just goofy fun is something that no one should miss out on.
    Give yourself a Lorax mustache!
  • Be green by sending an online letter! 4 of 5
    Be green by sending an online letter!
    It not only saves paper and a stamp, it can save time and be used over and over.
    Send a Lorax letter!
  • You can get a daily activity sent directly to your printer. 5 of 5
    You can get a daily activity sent directly to your printer.
    Coloring pages, puzzles, games, and more! A little something Seuss every day is never a bad thing.
    Click here to download!

A big thanks to Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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