7 Creative Strategies to Improve Your Photography

Want to improve your photography? You’re not alone! With an iPhone in every pocket and photo sharing apps like Instagram, it seems everyone’s got photography on the brain and at their fingertips. It seems like everyone I talk to these days is looking for simple tips and tricks to help them take their photographic work to the next level.

As a self-proclaimed everyday photographer, I’ve taking photo and after photo, every single day for years and through it all, I’ve learned a few  simple, creative strategies that have helped me take better pictures. First and foremost, keep in mind that photographic play is the best way to learn. Fun is a priority! Besides that, here’s a few ideas that might help you up your photo game.

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    to help you improve your photography!

  • Meet your subject on the level. 2 of 8

    Clicking your coffee mug? Click from counter level. Snapping your kids swimming in the pool? Snap from water level. Photographing your pet? Photograph them from the ground. Meeting your subject where it lives means a refreshing and unique perspective in your pictures.

  • Paint with light. 3 of 8

    Catching light with your lens can yield wonderfully unpredictable results. Use the light flair that can be cast from your lens (when you let light enter it straight on or skimmed across) to give your image unique textures, color, lights lines, and imperfections. You can achieve all kinds of photographic magic when you play with light.

  • Notice the subtleties. 4 of 8

    Sometimes the best photographs are those that have captured something that might normally have gone unseen if the photographer hadn't chosen to take a picture of it. Keep your eyes open to gentle curves, gradient color, fading light, muted tones, unique shapes and tiny details. Sometimes it just takes some keen observation before your photographic masterpiece can be captured.

  • Take charge of the frame. 5 of 8

    Whether it's a funky crop, a tilted horizon, or a close-up, when you want to shoot compelling pictures, take it to the extreme. Be mindful of how you're framing and be deliberate with each shot. Don't be afraid to show a unique point of view and make a creative statement with your photographs!

  • Lose your focus. 6 of 8

    Photographically speaking, do something you might not normally do once in a while. Like shoot out of focus for example. There's nothing dreamier than an image that is evocative of a dreamscape, literally. Light spots in the distance can be particularly gorgeous when thrown out of focus. Sometimes doing something you don't normally do can challenge your perspective and give your photography a creative boost.

  • Elevate the everyday. 7 of 8

    Finding the most seemingly mundane objects and using our camera to capture them in a way that brings a fresh look at life can be a fun approach to everyday photography. By capturing the most ordinary moments of our daily life, we can distill them down to uncover the beauty, whimsy or even humor of the moment. Make it your job to elevate your daily life into the pictures that tell your story authentically and creatively.

  • Shoot on a schedule. 8 of 8

    Making photography part of your daily routine can up your photo game exponentially just because you're shooting so much. The more you shoot, experiment, play, and get to know your creative tool (whether that's your mobile phone or your dslr) the better your work will get. In other words, shoot more pictures. Consider taking a class to help encourage you to shoot for specific assignments or for guided photo prompts, and to provide a community to share your work with. The combination of structure and community can be invaluable in improving your photography.


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