7 Tips To Not Screw Up Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day that some people actually dread. Sometimes our best intentions are not recognized, people are not on their best behavior, or people start out on their best behavior but soon all efforts crumble into a pile of insults and some bad indigestion followed by a little football. Let’s change that up this year shall we? Here are 7 Thanksgiving tips to help you have a better day.

  • Forget Your Diet 1 of 7

    Don't be on a diet — Or at least understand that no one wants to hear about it. I know, I know, you're not eating gluten right now and plus, all those carbs will drag you down for the next two weeks. I get it. But you know who won't? Grandma. She feels that food = love and you aren't going to change her mind in this lifetime, so just suck it up and have seconds on the marshmallow covered yams. Trust me, everyone will be happier — including you.


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  • Don’t Start Fights 2 of 7

    If you have an underlying emotional issue with someone who will be at your dinner, for God's sake don't bring it up. People in dysfunctional families just love to bring stuff up at the most inappropriate times and Thanksgiving is one of them. "Hey, maybe it's good to clear the air with uncle Fred," you may be thinking. Not on Thanksgiving it's not. All you will accomplish is starting a family feud that won't be over until after the New Year.


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  • Don’t Get Drunk 3 of 7

    Don't get drunk. If you get drunk, you're 90% more liable to tell your brother-in-law that wearing his polo with the logo to his country club doesn't make him look cool it makes him look like a douche. And although that may be true, if we're being honest, it's the liquor talking.



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  • Less is not more 4 of 7

    Less is not more. More is more. Less sucks. The thing is, left-overs are a tradition! Running out of garlic mashed potatoes is not a tradition. It's a travesty. I know that you're thinking, "I'm not buying two bags of potatoes when there will also be sweet potatoes and a million rolls to boot." Just buy the extra potatoes. No one will ever say "Jesus! You made too much damn mashed potatoes! What's your problem?" They will just have thirds.


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  • No phones 5 of 7

    Keep your iPhone away from the table. Here's the thing: no one will be emailing you because it's THANKSGIVING! Also, rude. By the way, this was more a reminder for me.


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  • Don’t just talk about yourself 6 of 7

     Maybe you don't want to sit through a recitation of the ingredients for your sister-in-law's pecan pie but that doesn't mean you should hijack the conversation to get back to talking about your job. Maybe other people are fascinated with hearing about how to make the pie. I mean, I don't get it. I'd much prefer hearing about your job than listening to how "a pinch of nutmeg" is the freaking secret to a great dessert. Yes I agree they should just post it on Pinterest and leave us out of it. But, that's just not polite to say.


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  • Find your gratitude 7 of 7

    Not to get all spiritual on you but if you take some time to look around and really take in all that you have to be thankful for, it will be almost impossible to have a crappy Thanksgiving. Can you still manage it? I'm sure you can. But if you want to have a good day, sit, breathe and look around at how much love there is, how much food you have to eat, and then compare that to what's going on in other parts of the world. I'm not saying that to make you feel guilty — just to point out that you have so much to be grateful for and so do I. So let's have a great day!!



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