8 Back to School Essentials for Mom


Sure, we may not be hopping on big yellow buses or sharpening pencils this September, but if anyone needs some back-to-school sprucing up, it’s Mom – am I right? After a long summer of mosquito bites, road trips and bandaged knees, it’s time to hit the reset button and welcome a new season for us all. From the closet to the kitchen, here are a few back to school recommendations that will take any mama to the head of the class!:

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    back to school essentials

    Moms - don't forget yourselves when making those back to school lists! Click through for 8 A+ essentials to keep you focused all school year long!

  • Lip and Cheek Stain 2 of 9
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    Stash this beauty multi-tasker in your glove compartment for a quick pick-me-up in the pick-up line. $35.70 at Amazon.

  • Day Planner 3 of 9
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    PTA meetings, school plays and fundraisers galore. Scrawl them all in one simple, stylish spot. $15 at Poppin.

  • Fruit-Infused Water Bottle 4 of 9
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    Stay hydrated all school year long with this smart take on bottled water: simply throw in your favorite fruits into the center infuser for a fresh and flavorful jump-start every morning! $24.50 at Rakuten.

  • BB Cream 5 of 9
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    There's no easier trick to hydrating, refreshing and toning your skin (plus, hiding any flaws along the way!) than a healthy dose of BB Cream. $11.60 at Amazon.

  • Leggings 6 of 9

    For the inevitable days where you're running late and it's carpool day, throw on these smooth, crazy-flattering-yet-entirely-comfortable leggings and pair with a tunic. Easy, breezy, 2-second style! $82 at Lululemon.

  • Coin Purse 7 of 9

    Stash your parking meter coins and a few Ibuprofen in this grown-up coin purse meets handy keychain. $16 at Baggu.

  • VIA Coffee 8 of 9
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    Coffee, but faster. Need we say more? $7.28 at Walmart.

  • Phone Case 9 of 9

    You might have survived the dog days of summer, but your phone didn't fare so well. Upgrade your tired tech with a fancy, versatile case in gold-hued stripes. $40 at Zappos Couture.

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