8 Surefire Ways to Ensure that Your Kids Actually Play with Their Christmas Gifts

Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler

Just because you purchase gifts for your kids…doesn’t mean they are going to play with them. From my professional experience (yes, I have been a mom for almost twenty years so I am labeling myself as a professional) about 90% or more of the toys that kids receive for Christmas will experience toy death by mid January. That’s a harsh and very real reality for us parents, because we spend lots of money on Christmas and a lot of it is just going to waste.

Take this Lalaloopsy for instance, she met quick and early death at my house. Lamar and I spent days searching for LaLa in 2011 as it was the “it” gift of the season and our kids wanted it. But unfortunately, LaLa met a cruel and brutal death as she was thrust into a pile along with a lot of other toys that were no longer being played with. So, here are a few things that we have implemented to ensure that our kids’ toys get played with and don’t meet an untimely ‘toy death’

  • 1. Give Away Some Toys 1 of 8
    1. Give Away Some Toys
    Make room for the new toys by identifying old toys that can be given away to a charity. Seriously, do kids really need 50 board games and 100 doll babies. Sit down with them and have them select toys that they don't want anymore. This is a pile of dolls that my girls and I sifted through. It was a struggle..but they finally let go a many of them. Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler
  • 2. Get Organized 2 of 8
    2. Get Organized
    2. Create a special place for your kids to store their toys that is easily accessible. Because if they can't reach them, then how can they play with them. And if there is no organization to their bedrooms or play area, then get organized by investing in some shelves or containers. If a toy's pieces are lost or thrown all over the room after the first time the kids play with them, I guarantee you that they will not play with that toy again. Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler
  • 3. Turn off the TV 3 of 8
    3. Turn off the TV
    Tell the kids to turn off the TV. And guess what? They'll immediately turn to their toys to entertain them. This can be done daily. Photo Credit: MJW
  • 4. Have a Family Game Night 4 of 8
    4. Have a Family Game Night
    Institute a weekly family game night. This is definitely a good way to ensure that all of those board games that you purchased get used. Have each kid select a game that they want to play during family game night. It's a lot of fun and a good bonding experience for the family. Photo Credit: Ronnie Tyler
  • 5. Threaten Them 5 of 8
    5. Threaten Them
    Yes..this works. Tell your kids that if they don't play with the toys, then you are going to return them...or you are not going to buy any more until they get used. Photo Credit: Jaimie Duplass
  • 6. Re-gift them for their Birthdays 6 of 8
    6. Re-gift them for their Birthdays
    Honestly, sometimes kids get so many toys that even they don't know what they got. If you see that your kids have ignored some of their gifts from Christmas morning, siphon off a few of them and re-gift them for their birthdays. Trust me, this will work, especially with the younger kids. Also, this is a sign that they are getting too many toys for Christmas. Photo Credit: Renata Osinska
  • 7. Set-up a Themed Playdate 7 of 8
    7. Set-up a Themed Playdate
    Schedule playdates with your kid's best buddies. Have your kids help you with the planning process and the theme for the playdate. They can select the toys and activities for the playdate. Photo Credit: Darren Hester
  • 8. Stop Giving Them Things They Don’t Want 8 of 8
    8. Stop Giving Them Things They Don't Want
    Some parents overdo it and just buy the kids a whole bunch of stuff. And, a lot of it the kids didn't even ask for or want. And trust me, they're probably not going to play with it either. Make sure that you ask your kids what they want for Christmas and stick to that list. Photo Credit: Neil Denize


How do you encourage your kids to keep playing with their Christmas toys?

Article Posted 3 years Ago
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