8 Weird Thoughts Moms Have When They Get Sick


I got strep throat this week. I could barely swallow, so severe was the pain. I couldn’t eat for three days. Even getting out of bed proved to be a challenge.

It. Was. Awesome.

It’s kinda sad that I’ve reached a point in life where I welcome sickness, but it’s true. And I suspect I am not alone here. These are some of the happy, if warped, thoughts that went through my head:

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    So psyched to have a valid excuse for sleeping, or just lying beneath the covers and watching HGTV.

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    Also: A valid reason for drinking smoothies. And making my husband pick them up. He hasn't dashed out to get me food since I was pregnant. What's up with that?

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    NOW they'll see JUST how much I do for them when I'm not able to do it! Yeah!

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    Woo hoo! I'm gonna lose some weight!

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    It's a little unnerving that, as I am lying here bathed in sweat, my daughter keeps asking vital questions like "Mommy, when are you getting me that new computer cover?" Hope when I said "Can you ask me another time, when I am not on my deathbed?" she got a better grip on the important things in life (i.e., not computer covers).

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    How is it humanly possible I have no honey in the house for my sore throat, no Chloraseptic and no Gatorade but I do have enough chocolate to get me through Armageddon? Good to know I have my priorities straight.

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    Wonder what else I can make husband do. Possibilities: "Can you go grocery shopping, I'm too weak?" and "Can you fill out those school forms, I'm too dizzy?" and "Can you just give the entire house a quick wipedown? We need to get rid of the germs!"

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    Note to self: Need to get sick more often. Totally worth it. But maybe next time, a mild stomach bug will do.

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