9 TV Families We Wish We Were A Part Of

If you’ve ever answered “yes” to any of the following questions, this post is most definitely for you. If not, you obviously haven’t watched enough TV, and you should read it anyway, just to see what you’re missing out on.

Have you ever…
1. Watched a TV show and thought, “Why can’t I trade my brothers and sisters in for the ones on TV?”
2. Refused to acknowledge the fact that a show is scripted and your long-lost relatives are really actors?
3. Thought to yourself, “I’m going to go run away and join that family”?
4. Wondered: “Why can’t my teenagers be like the ones on TV? Those ones don’t whine/slam their doors/roll their eyes every few seconds!”
5. When given the option of reading a celebrity magazine or a TV guide, you choose the TV guide, because at this point characters are more exciting than celebrities?

It’s crazy how we relate so much to the people we “know” just from the screen. Here are 9 TV families we all wish we were a part of:

  • Gilmore Girls: The Gilmore Family 1 of 9

    The best mother-daughter duo around! Yes, Rory and Lorelai are a little more like BFFs than mother and daughter, but who wouldn't want a similarly close relationship with their daughter?

  • Modern Family: The Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker Pritchett Family 2 of 9

    This family is like the ingredients of a wedding cake, and who doesn't like cake?

    Jay is the egg, the part that holds all the ingredients together. Luke is the sugar: sweet, but of absolutely no substance, nutritional or otherwise. Claire is the electric beater that mixes all the ingredients together...and often creates chaos within the kitchen. Phil is the vanilla essence: too little, and the cake is boring; too much and it tastes gross. Hayley is the frosting: you eat too much and you get sick to your stomach, but the cake would be boring without it.  Alex is the flour: full of substance and a necessary ingredient to make the cake work. (She could probably even tell you all about the chemical reaction that occurs when the flour mixes with the other ingredients. I really can't. I can't even tell you what type of cake these ingredients make). Gloria is the all-spice: full of spicy one-liners and a unique flair. Manny is the carrot: it seems like a strange ingredient to put in a cake, but once it's mixed in, you realize just how much it belongs. Cam and Mitchell are the wedding figurines that sit on top of the cake: slightly feminine, slightly flamboyant, and slightly awkward, but without them, it would just be another boring ol' cake.

    Oh, and Lily? Lily is the cherry: super sweet, super cute, and really and truly the cherry on top of the (amazing) cake.

    Yes, there really is something such as a carrot-flavored wedding cake with a cherry on top. If there wasn't before, there is now.

  • The Fosters: The Two Women, One Biological Kid, Two Adopted Kids and Two Fostered Kids Family 3 of 9

    There have only been three episodes, yet, without a doubt, the Fosters belong on this list. A mix of multi-cultural, multi-gender and gay characters, 'The Fosters' is a family that accepts you no matter who you are. Sure, they have problems: Mariana sells her brother Jesus' ADHD pills (but hey, if it's any consolation, she gives the money to her mom who, ironically, probably uses it to buy drugs), Brandon obviously has a crush on his new foster sister Callie (unlike Gossip Girl though, they're not step-siblings, so that makes it all okay) and Lena struggles being the third parent to Brandon, but what family doesn't have problems? At least with the Fosters, you're guaranteed the problems will be solved within a 45 minute episode. Besides, who doesn't want to say they're related to Jesus?... Or the girlfriend... (Jake T. Austin, if you somehow happen to read this, I'm totally single).

    Photo credit: ABC Family

  • 7th Heaven: The Camden Family 4 of 9

    Okay, so Ruthie grows up to be a precocious brat who would prefer to stay in Scotland than go home with her heart problem ridden father. Sure, you have problem child Mary who can't seem to get her life together. Sure, there's Little Miss Whines A Lot Lucy, with her "my life is so unfair!" attitude. Sure, there's Annie Camden with her sickeningly sweet "let's talk it out whilst you help me cook" attitude to parenting. And sure, the kids seem to have friends only for the purpose of propagating Reverend Camden's "I can solve everyone's problems" ego.

    But really? This is a pretty cool family. So they think everyone's lives can be bettered by going to church and eating homemade cookies — it's obvious their pushiness means well. Plus, did you see the guy Lucy married?? Even if her life was as angst-y as she made it out to be, 1) she was nicknamed the Makeout Queen, and 2) she got to marry Kevin. Doesn't seem like such a hard life to me, Luce.

  • Melissa and Joey: The One Aunt, Two Kids and One Manny family 5 of 9

    This family may not be "conventional", but it sure would be fun to be a part of. With Mel's "Oh, you skipped school with a boy? Was he cute?" attitude being balanced with Joey's "You skipped school? You're grounded until eternity" attitude, good cop/bad cop has never been so amusing. Throw in a teenage girl with a sarcastic dry wit and a teenage boy who is like the mini version of Joey from Friends, and you've got yourself one family you definitely want to be a part of.

    Photo credit: ABC Family

  • Full House: The Best Friend, the Uncle, the Father, and Three Girls Family 6 of 9

    3 super adorable kids. 3 very different guys. Who doesn't want to be part of a family who sings Elvis at bedtime, has a toddler that can make your heart melt, and has a kid that can say "How rude!" in an entirely hilarious, albeit precocious, way? Besides, they went to Disney on vacation — that's reason enough, in my book.

  • The Brady Bunch: The Brady Family and their Housekeeper 7 of 9

    I have one word for you: Alice.

    Who saved the day when Jan was experiencing middle child syndrome? Alice.

    Who fed and served six children when they were all home sick and Carol was fussing around with the doctor? Alice.

    Who helped the kids when they suspected marriage problems between Carol and Mike? Alice.

    Suffice to say, Alice basically held this family together whilst Mike was at work and Carol was doing... whatever Carol liked to do. Who wouldn't want a live-in housekeeper to clean up, help the kids and bake delicious meals? I basically make my house messier than six kids combined, so excuse me whilst I go pack my bags, time travel back to the 70s, and go beg Alice to move to Australia and be my housekeeper.

  • Little House on the Prairie: The Ingalls Family 8 of 9

    I would (almost) happily sign up for life approximately 150 years ago, if it meant I got their family. Just look at them! They're poor, they had 4 kids of their own, then they adopted 3 more. This family is just plain sweet. They go through hard times (I'm talking about Mary's blindness here, and them moving to the city, not Albert's drug problem which I'm refusing to accept happened), yet they still stick by each other, even when it would be so easy to fall apart. Pa even snowshoe-d from the house roof to the barn in order to get the Christmas presents! If there was such thing as a 'practically perfect' family, the Ingalls family would totally be contenders for the prize. They make you cry, they make you laugh, they make you want to don a bonnet and move in with them.

  • Family Ties: The Keaton Family 9 of 9

    This family is smart (yes, even you Mal), witty (I'm looking at you, Alex P. Keaton), adorable (pre-tween Jennifer and Andrew), and patient (a surprising amount, considering the amount of trouble the kids get into). The Keaton family and the phrase 'wanting to be a part of' are as synonymous as peanut butter and jelly, Santa and reindeer, and turkey and Thanksgiving.

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