9 Ways Being a Mom is Exactly Like Working at Burger King (and One Way it's Not)

032When I was sixteen years old I got my first job working at Burger King. It wasn’t glamorous even by 1980’s standards. It still would’ve been cooler to work at Strawberries Record Store but seeing as I didn’t have a car I couldn’t very well have driven to the mall could I? No I couldn’t. But I could walk to Burger King right after school and do a 3 pm to 6 pm shift twice a week. Man, you gotta wonder what I did with all the piles of cash I was raking in right? But the real reason I bring this up is that it recently occurred to me while I was cleaning the kitchen counter for the 30th time that day that being a parent is an awful lot like working in fast food. Exactly how you ask?


  • Everyone likes to have it “their way.” 1 of 10
    Everyone likes to have it "their way."
    I know there are moms who say they refuse to be a short order cook. I get it. But somehow I always get sucked in to giving my kids what they like to eat. Every day I have to remember that Elby likes tomatoes but Matilda hates tomatoes. Matilda loves lettuce, Sadie doesn't. No one likes onions (if they know about them).
  • I wear a uniform 2 of 10
    I wear a uniform
    in this case it's yoga pants and tank tops and just like when I worked at BK, my uniform is rarely clean.
  • The pay sucks 3 of 10
    The pay sucks
    But isn't it shocking that when I made minimum wage $3.35 an hour it was still $3.35 an hour more than I make for keeping my kids alive all day everyday?
  • Complaints 4 of 10
    I have to put up with a lot of complaints! Sometimes all day and all night! And just like then, the customer always thinks they're right.
  • My co-workers are always fighting. 5 of 10
    My co-workers are always fighting.
    Back then it was over who was supposed to do bathroom clean-up and now it's over...well, actually it's pretty much the same.
  • No room for advancement. 6 of 10
    No room for advancement.
    I'm pretty much going to remain "mommy" for as long as I have this gig. And back when I worked at BK, cashier was as golden as it got once you worked your way up from grill to fries to register.
  • I sneak a lot of fries 7 of 10
    I sneak a lot of fries
    Off my kids' plates, from their Happy Meals, no fries are safe. And I wonder why I can't get rid of this muffin top.
  • I work for a dictator. 8 of 10
    I work for a dictator.
    My manager has control issues and a Napoleon complex. I think you know which boss I'm talking about (see picture)
  • Noisy work environment 9 of 10
    Noisy work environment
    The noise. It never. Stops. Just like in Burger King, there is always conversation, chaos and commotion.
  • And One Reason it’s Not 10 of 10
    And One Reason it's Not
    Because I know how crazy lucky I am to have this job. I'm grateful for it every day and I wouldn't quit for all the money in the world.

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