A Day at the Museum

My kids and I went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago this week.  This is one of our favorite museums because it’s FILLED with hands-on exhibits.  My kids never say, “I’m bored.  Can we leave yet?” when we’re there.  Usually, it’s more like, “Just five more minutes, Mom?  This is fun!”  You could spend an entire day at the Museum of Science and Industry and not cover everything (although the museum isn’t so huge that you’d walk away feeling like you’d hardly made a dent).

I’ve included some pictures from our day, but we didn’t get to experience everything the museum has to offer.  Besides the pictures below, there’s a Mythbusters exhibit there now!  There’s also a German submarine you can tour, a coal mine, a genetics lab, an Omnimax theater, Colleen Moore’s fairytale castle (I SO want to live in that doll house), and so much more!

If you don’t live in Chicago, you can still have some hands-on science fun this summer with the Museum of Science and Industry’s Summer Brain Games The best part is that it’s FREE to sign up!  You can get more information about the program HERE!

  • The Museum of Science and Industry 1 of 23
    The Museum of Science and Industry
    This beaux-arts style building was originally constructed in 1893. I LOVE old buildings like this!
  • Henry Crown Space Center 2 of 23
    Henry Crown Space Center
    The MSI houses the space center which, among many other items is home to the Apollo 8 spacecraft.
  • I Spy windows 3 of 23
    I Spy windows
    There are several life-sized windows that are decorated and have lists of items to find within the display like the popular "I Spy" books. I love this quote from the window decorated with Chicago classics.
  • Fun mirrors 4 of 23
    Fun mirrors
    In a hallway filled with all things circus, these mirrors stand. We spent a crazy amount of time playing in front of them. I have freakishly long fingers, no? I think I need to find a mirror that makes me look thin and just carry it around with me.
  • Shadow theater 5 of 23
    Shadow theater
    This was fun! The falling beads stopped when they hit our shadows on the screen. I don't know how it works, but it's cool!
  • Farm 6 of 23
    All the kids climbed into this giant tractor wheel. I'm not sure how Clay managed to get himself upside down.
  • C’mon, Mom! You can go upside down too! 7 of 23
    C'mon, Mom! You can go upside down too!
    Uh yeah. I couldn't quite make myself go upside down and couldn't stop laughing long enough to even get out of there!
  • Poop 8 of 23
    I know, I know, you're all shocked and surprised to see Clay having anything to do with poop, right?
  • Those are my boys. 9 of 23
    Those are my boys.
    What can I say? Boys think poop is funny.
  • Tornado 10 of 23
    This is so cool! There's a 40 foot tall tornado in the MSI! It's huge and you can play with vents and control the way it moves!
  • Avalanche 11 of 23
    Turn this enormous wheel and watch the sand fall, replicating an avalanche.
  • Hands-on fun 12 of 23
    Hands-on fun
    The thing that makes this museum so much fun for all ages are its hands-on experiments! The kids were playing with a tornado, discovering how changing the airflow changed the shape of the funnel.
  • More hands-on fun 13 of 23
    More hands-on fun
    The kids were playing with balls, balancing them atop an airstream. Well, most of the kids were doing that. Clay was sticking his face in the air, fashioning his hair into an um, "interesting" hairdo.
  • Lightning 14 of 23
    There's a giant Tesla coil mounted on the ceiling of the MSI. You can learn about conductors while watching electricity discharge and spread out to the metal coils. It's very awesome! (And loud!)
  • Hamster wheel 15 of 23
    Hamster wheel
    The kids all took turns running in a hamster wheel to see how fast they could go. (Jackson was fastest, but in all fairness Austin and Savannah were wearing flipflops.) After running, they were able to check their heart rates.
  • Mindball 16 of 23
    We all squared off against one another to see who was more relaxed. We used our brain waves to move the ball across the table. (Austin, Jackson, and Savannah were the winners.) Apparently I'm not very relaxed.
  • Airplane 17 of 23
    A Boeing 727 kinda hangs from the ceiling in the museum. Guests can walk through the plane, have a seat and watch a video, check out the cockpit, and pretend they're going to Hawaii. (Or just make faces at your mom for taking too many pictures.)
  • Do we have to smile again? 18 of 23
    Do we have to smile again?
    Jackson was too thirsty to smile and Brooklyn was too busy pouting to smile. Be happy I only posted a couple dozen out of the 250 pictures I took there.
  • Rock climbing 19 of 23
    Rock climbing
    This museum is absolutely full of fun things to do for kids of all ages!
  • Streets of Chicago 20 of 23
    Streets of Chicago
    This is a mock-up of a Chicago street from the early 20th century. It's complete with an old-fashioned Jewel, Walgreens, Berghoff's, Chas. A. Stevens, and more! There's even a Nickelodeon that plays old cartoons! I love walking down here!
  • The Pioneer Zephyr 21 of 23
    The Pioneer Zephyr
    Here I am aboard the Pioneer Zephyr with a um, friend. I don't know. He was kinda cute. You know, for a statue. It was a long day. My kids have warped me!
  • Clay on the train 22 of 23
    Clay on the train
    I'm so proud of my 8-year-old. I was waiting for the statue to call him fresh and slap him with her glove.
  • I promise this is the last picture 23 of 23
    I promise this is the last picture
    Saying goodbye to a fun, hands-on museum. Check it out if you live near, or get to visit, Chicago! You won't regret it!

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