A Holiday DIY Pinterest Party


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You know all those amazing things being pinned on Pinterest for the holidays? Yes, I’ve been pinning them, too. I was starting to wonder if I’d ever actually get to any of them, so I decided to hold a holiday Pinterest party for my friends. It’s a fun way to encourage everyone to become a little more creative and step out of their comfort zone.


A few ideas for planning your own:

1. Keep the group small so that the work areas aren’t overwhelmed.

2. Pick small, manageable projects that can be completed in under 30 minutes.

3. Print out instructions if possible.

4. Have your mobile printer hooked up!

Fill your mobile printer with 4×6 photo paper so you can print photos of your guests with their finished projects as they leave as an extra gift:



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  • Stations 1 of 7

    Set up clearly marked stations with every supply your guests will need to make their craft.

  • Directions 2 of 7

    Print off directions for your project and frame nicely as a centerpiece. You can use Powerpoint to create your own version or print off my 5 projects templates straight from your phone or iPad!  (click here for 5 easy Pinterest Party Project downloads)

  • Examples 3 of 7

    Make an example of each project ahead of time to give easy direction.

  • Mobile Printing 4 of 7

    Encourage your guests to look for inspiration on the web if they are stuck. They can take a screenshot and send it to print real time.  For example, searching for snowflake designs just type "snowflake" into Google and click on "Images" for immediate inspiration. (Not sure how to take a screen shot?  Click here.)

  • Inspiration 5 of 7

    Snowflake inspiration in real life.

  • Timing 6 of 7

    Set up projects that can be completed in under 30 minutes.  For things that might take longer than 30 minutes, like paint drying, have a few hair dryers nearby to speed up the process.

  • Picture Perfect 7 of 7

    Make sure to take photos of the finished projects! Send the photo directly to your printer so you can share the photo love!