A Holiday Tradition: Decorating the Christmas Tree with My Kids


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It’s that time of the year again … when my wife and I have our annual argument over the tree.

Only this year, there was no fuss. I guess by now we’ve got it down to a science. I go and pick out the tree. I get the kids involved. We get the darn thing put up. Then I get the darn thing lit up … with enough bulbs to illuminate a small village.

And this year was particularly enjoyable as every single one of our junior associates took part in the process. It’s so simple, really. A Christmas tree, a symbol that’s stood throughout the years, though, one that’s often muddled a bit by the murkiness that comes with commercial exploitation.

Until, that is, you’re able to separate it and appreciate it for what it is. And this year I was able to do that as well, if not better than, any year prior. Yep. This year as I decorated the tree, I had more genuine moments both within myself and with my family at large than I can ever remember. Pure moments when all the worldly worries and stresses melted away to make room for the true spirit of the holiday season, a spirit that filled my heart and left my soul comforted by the warmth of all that matters most.

Which is why this tree is officially my favorite tree ever. And, though I’m not really sure, I suspect I say that about each and every one of our trees. Which, in my book at least, isn’t such a bad thing.

Here’s the story of picking out and decorating our family’s Christmas tree. Check it out: