A little confusion about the origin of the recipe, but nothing gingerbread with lemon sauce can't fix


Thanks so much to the folks at Pillsbury for sponsoring this post and for providing Pillsbury products for me to have some fun with.

A few years ago I was asked to contribute a family recipe to a fundraiser cookbook.  Immediately I knew that I’d choose Pink Salad, a staple at every Thanksgiving and Christmas throughout my childhood and a recipe passed down from my great grandmother, Edna.  I told my mom all about how I chose this special heirloom recipe and she laughed.

“That recipe isn’t from Edna!  It’s something I clipped out of the newspaper!”

Oh. Well.

As soon as I was contacted about baking with Pillsbury, I knew exactly what I wanted to make. Gingerbread with my mother’s unique lemon sauce.  Never before in the history of gingerbread eating have people ever had this delicious combination!

I called my mom at work and asked her for the recipe for the lemon sauce.  Since she doesn’t have a photographic memory (SHEESH!), I had to wait ALL DAY to hear back from her with the recipe.  She finally called me when she got home and I set to work making the gingerbread and with the super secret surprise lemon sauce.

“This recipe came off the side of a Pillsbury Gingerbread Mix box,” she told me.

“So this isn’t like, a family recipe?  Something only people in our family do?” I asked.

“No, it came right off the side of a Pillsbury Gingerbread Mix box.”

Oh. Well.

I guess it does.  How about that? That lemon sauce recipe IS right on the side of the Gingerbread mix.

ANY.WAY.  I got Ella dressed appropriately in a gingerbread man apron to help make the gingerbread.  Since it had to bake for 25-30 minutes and the lemon sauce requires that you stir it constantly for at least 7 minutes, she quickly lost interest until the cake was finished baking and ready for a generous drizzling of lemon sauce.

“Mommy,” Ella asked once she saw the gingerbread, “Why doesn’t it look like a gingerbread man? There’s a gingerbread man on the box?”

It’s an easy mistake to make.  Like mother, like daughter.