a lovely journey home


I’m back from my quick trip to St. Paul for my conference, and these past days have just been such a gentle, peaceful time.  It began with a total stranger in the lobby of my hotel paying me the sweetest compliment, completely out of the blue — and the experience set the tone for my entire week.  And after a quiet flight home, I walked in the back door of our house and was met by my husband and daughter with balloons and welcome-home flowers.  And the house was clean.  Are you kidding me with that?

Then the next day — RAIN!  Texas has been enduring a really horrific drought, but this past weekend, it poured.  I wanted to run around naked in it, I missed the rain so much.  (Luckily for my neighbours, I didn’t).

But I did have my camera.  And here, my friends, is everything I’m grateful for this week:






With that, I’m off to enjoy the weekend.  But before I go, how was your week, friends?  Anything you’d like to express gratitude for?

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