A real vacation..and a few shows


We  have never, in the entire time as a family, taken a vacation aside from touring and visiting family…until recently.

And guess what, vacations are not over-rated.

Aside from sunburn and sunrashes (from the shock of UV rays on our ghostly white bodies), we had nothing to whine about the entire trip.

We swam all day, saw sea turtles, had ice cream every night and had some serious quality family time.

In our typical nature, we followed up the family trip with two shows (one in OK and one at Penn State) We rode in a van ten hours one day and sat on planes for 12 hours in two days.  But, hey, all in the name of rock and roll, right?

The Oklahoma show got moved inside due to rain.  Good call..

The same storms from OK followed us back East where we played in the rain at Penn State.  You can watch a quick recap video of the show here. (It was actually kind of fun after we got over the initial equipment-failure scares).

And after an 85 degree beach week, and then jaunts in the t-storms in the name of live music, we are really getting ancy around here to take these sweatshirts off.

Oh, and we will be putting a new record out at the end of the summer.  ( In case you need nother reason to get excited for spring to fly by)

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